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All our videos

Not only will you be able to stream our 36 videos to your device, but you’ll also be able to cache them and watch them offline for those times you don’t have an internet connection.

Train with performance targets

Do The Sufferfest workouts exactly as intended, hitting the exact power, cadence and heart rate targets you need to based on your current fitness.

Free Structured Training Plans

Don't train aimlessly. Your app subscription includes free structured training plans for road, triathlon, cyclocross and mountain bike. Developed together with APEX Coaching, these novice to advanced plans will guide you through maximum effort in a minimum of time for maximum gains.

Connect your devices

Link to your Bluetooth and ANT+ power meter, smart trainer, and heart rate monitor. You can even link to your speed and and cadence sensors to use ‘virtual power’ on your non-smart turbo trainer.


The Sufferfest Training Centre App is designed to make you the most well-rounded and powerful athlete possible. To that end, the app includes 20 Yoga for Cyclists videos from our partner Yoga 15. These no-nonsense, performance-oriented sessions are all 15 minutes or less so you can do them anywhere and anytime. We’ve also programmed them as an optional stream into the training plans you receive with your subscription, making it super easy to increase flexibility, improve power and reduce the chance of injuries.

Save and analyze workouts

Once the Suffering is over, look over your performance and keep track of your workouts in our Sufferlandrian Passport section.

Every one of your workouts is recorded so you can go back and see how far you’ve come!

Analyse each workout to make sure you hit your targets, look for areas of weakness and ensure you’re making progress!



Questions? Check out our FAQ section to see if you’re ready to Suffer with our App:

Read the FAQ.