Virtual Racing and eSports Training Plans Now Available

Gains, Not Games

It's no secret that eSports and virtual bike races are becoming more popular. But if you want to dominate the pixel peloton, you need effective, structured training based on cutting-edge sports science. That's where we come in.

To help you prepare for the unique demands of virtual racing, the elite coaches at The Sufferfest Sports Science Division have developed the world's first training plans designed specifically for cycling eSports and virtual racing. 

The new eSports plans add to our library of over 100 training plans for cycling and triathlon that come free with your subscription to The Sufferfest. They include plans to prepare you for a variety of virtual race formats, including:

  • Sub-20 minute races
  • 20-50 minute races
  • 60+ minute races

How Are They Different?

Coach Mac Cassin, our Chief Cycling Physiologist and primary architect of The Sufferfest eSports training plans, explains what makes these plans different.

“The demands of virtual racing are very different from those of real-world disciplines. Virtual races tend to be short, punchy and brutal. They're very much surge-steady-surge-steady-sprint. These plans place less emphasis on training long, steady state efforts and focus substantially on your 5-minute (MAP) and 1-minute (AC) power while improving the ability to recover quickly at or slightly below threshold. For those who train with our 4DP technology, our plans are tailored based upon a rider's primary weakness as identified by our Full Frontal fitness test. In this way, you can follow the plan that will maximise your performance."

Designed for time-crunched athletes, the 12-week plans require an average of just five-and-a-half hours a week on the bike and give you the option to substitute the occasional workout for online races. That means you can still ride with your friends online while getting the benefits of a structured training plan. As with all of The Sufferfest training plans, you can add optional yoga for cyclists and mental toughness training with the click of a button.

“The Sufferfest is dedicated to helping athletes achieve their goals, whether they’re competing on the road, on the dirt, or online,” said David McQuillen, CEO of The Sufferfest. “While virtual worlds are great for racing, nothing beats the sports science and structured training that The Sufferfest provides. Together with our 4DP-based workouts these new plans will get any athlete into the best shape possible for virtual racing.”

The sub-20 minute and 20-50 minute duration plans are based on a 2:1 periodization, with two weeks 'on' followed by a rest week. The 60+minute plans follow a 3:1 structure with three weeks 'on' followed by a week off. All of the plans are designed to get you ready for a target race that is 12 weeks away. Don't have a target race? You can always expose yourself to the Full Frontal fitness test again to see how much you've improved.

Train with us, race with them.




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