Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 68 minutes
What it's about: 64 x sprints of :05, :10 and :15 seconds
Featured races:


So you’ve trained your ass off and you find yourself at the very end of the race. It’s you against the others as you come to the final 200 meters. Time to sprint — are you prepared? Violator is THE essential sprint improvement video. Featuring a total of 64 sprints, with durations of 5, 10 and 15 seconds, this is focused, determined training that will ensure you take your rightful place as the Speed Demon of Sufferlandria.

Featuring exclusive footage from the 2013 Giro d’Italia, we’ll throw  you into the thick of the action and go head to head with the best sprinters in the world, including Mark Cavendish, John Degenkolb and Elia Viviani. Oh, and a shark, a hamster, a leopard and an airplane. As the Speed Demon of Sufferlandria, we’re sure you can handle it. Right?



Violator is, pure and simple, about sprinting. The workout is designed by elite cycling coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, and it’s the same one he gives to the professional cyclists in his care (like Evelyn Stevens (Specialized), Taylor Phinney (BMC) and Rohan Dennis (Garmin-Sharp).


  • Warm-up: 12:00 (with a few high-cadence efforts)
  • 12 x :05 secs w/ :30 secs recoveries
  • 8 x :10 secs w/ 1:00 recoveries
  • 6 x :15 secs w/ 1:30 recoveries
  • Recovery:  3:00
  • 10 x :05 secs w/ :15 secs recoveries
  • 8 x :10 secs w/ :30 recoveries
  • 4 x :15 secs w/ 1:30 recoveries
  • Recovery:  2:45
  • 8 x :05 secs w/ :05 secs recoveries
  • 6 x :10 secs w/ :10 recoveries
  • 2 x :15 secs w/ :15 recoveries
  • Cool down!: 4:00

The Soundtrack

It’s not everyday you have a cycling training video that features pop, electro, italian hip hop, opera and instrumental…but, hey, this isn’t just any video!

  • Waves (Bari Fresh Water Mix) – Chocolate Seastorm
  • Se Ne Va – Millionaire Blonde
  • Hangover (Club Mix) – Allex
  • UAN, CIU – N.O.A.
  • Electrojazz – Sebteix
  • La Donna e Mobile – Bartok Music
  • DDT (Ahsom Remix) – Trancelicious
  • Mio Babbino Caro – Bartok Music
  • I am Somebody – Cube
  • Burning Up (Lazy Mix) – Super Paolo
  • Funkateria (Lazy Mix) – Super Paolo
  • The Future is Now – Soviet Records
  • Voyage (Diego Brahim Mix) – Soviet Records
  • The Italian – Cube
  • Redemption – The Divine Madness
  • Point of No Return – Roger Subirana Mata
  • A Dream in Jail – Atomic Cat
  • The Hip Down – Alberto Bof
  • La Scelta del Presidente – Millionaire Blonde
  • Rebirth – Stefano Mocini
  • Per Me – Musicloverz
  • Johanness Gilther – Be With Me – 2Inventions


Jason Turner Blog

“A must have in your training program. Don’t just think about it, go and get Violated and suffer in this video, you will be so glad you did.”

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