To Get to the Other Side

Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: base training
Duration: 90 minutes
What it's about: Base training.
Featured races:



It’s taken five years and more than 20 videos, but we’re proud to release our first ‘not that hard’ (we can’t bring ourselves to say ‘easy’) video. Produced in collaboration with The Col Collective, creators of the world’s finest videos on famous cycling mountains, this 90 minute video takes you on a sweeping and dramatic tour through the Dolomite mountains of Northern Italy. Following legendary endurance cyclist Mike Cotty, you’ll climb amazing mountains like the Monte Grappa, Tre Cime di Lavoredo, Passo delle Erbe and Passo Manghen. You’ll even pop over to Austria to scale the fearsome heights of the Grossglockner. Featuring local insights from Mike and the Minions, as well as a killer soundtrack and stunning scenery, you’ll be planning your next trip to the mountains even before you climb off the bike.


The Workout

With a workout designed by Sir Neal Henderson, KoS of Apex Coaching, To Get to the Other Side features varying efforts and cadences. Aside from a couple of brief leg-openers, you’ll spend the entire workout just below threshold, making it a perfect session for base building or tempo rides between your regular Sufferfest sessions.


  • 4:30 – Warm-up
  • 5:00 – Climb 1: Tre Cime de Lavaredo
  • 2:00 – Recovery
  • 8:30 – Climb 2: Passo Giau
  • 2:00 – Recovery
  • 7:00 – Climb 3: Grossglockner
  • 3:00 – Recovery
  • 9:30 – Climb 4: Passo Manghen
  • 3:00 – Recovery
  • 14:45 – Climb 5: Passo delle Erbe
  • 3:00 – Recovery
  • 14:15 – Climb 6: Monte Grappa
  • 3:00 – Recovery
  • 5:00 – 4 x :30 high cadence/1:00 recovery
  • 3:00 – Cool-down on Mt. Sufferlandria



  • Something to Say – Signal-to-Noise
  • Sweet Rebel Science – Amigaman
  • Non Ti Fidare – Giuseppe Cassaro
  • Malou – Friska Viljor
  • Electric Bike – The Sale of Joy
  • Blackout Baby (Instrumental) – The Metermaids
  • The Changeling – Phuture Primitive
  • Alyssa – Modern Day Freak
  • Flying Around the Moon (Lost Without You) – Chance My Brother
  • Emotion Motion – Mokhov
  • Sorry, Captain – The Sale of Joy
  • Subway – Deep
  • Visitors – The Tenant
  • When I Disappear – Gentoo
  • Ride – Oliver Bagnall
  • Star Walker (Extended Remix) – EchoDroids
  • Dirty Games
  • Primo – Milan Latin Jazz Quartet
  • Open – Emerald Park
  • Mystery Mountain – The Tenant
  • Hard Chai – Skai Nine
  • Underground – Red Onion
  • Sono Ancora Qui – Leo Pari
  • Mojito – Fatzo



Never Too Late to Tri

“…with plenty of low cadence work, TGTTOS serves perfectly as an early season strength builder.  You can’t go wrong with this video. And the bit at the very end is worth getting to as Mike attempts the most famous Col of all… and fails!!??… watch and find out…..”

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