There Is No Try

Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 60 minutes
What it's about: Accelerating intervals (you get faster and faster during the interval)
Featured races:


A wise man once said, ‘There is No Try. There is only Do. Or do not.’ And, so, as you approach your turbo trainer for this video, you should only come if you are fully committed to doing what needs to be done in order to get faster. And getting faster is what this video is all about. Here, you come face to face with Sufferlandrian intervals. You see, Sufferlandrians get faster when other cyclists get tired. And our intervals do the same. It works like this: Every interval is broken into four parts. Each part is faster than the previous. You usually finish with a sprint.

Featuring officially licensed footage from the Tour de France, you’re going up against the world’s best cyclists. There is No Try features legends like David Millar, Bradley Wiggins, Jens Voigt, Peter Sagan, Fabian Cancellara, Christian Vande Velde, Mark Cavendish and more. You can’t just try to beat them. You Do.



  • 7:00 Warm-up
  • :15×4 – each 15 seconds gets faster
  • 1:00 recovery
  • :30×4 – each 30 seconds gets faster
  • 1:00 recovery
  • :45×4 – each 45 seconds gets faster
  • 1:30 recovery
  • 1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
  • 1:30 recovery
  • 2:00×4 – each 2:00 gets faster
  • 2:00 recovery
  • 1:00×4 – each 1:00 gets faster
  • 1:30 recovery
  • :45×4 – each :45 gets faster
  • 1:30 recovery
  • :30×4 – each :30 gets faster
  • 1:00 recovery
  • :15×4 – each :15 gets faster
  • 4:00 Warm-down


With a high-energy, all electronic soundtrack to keep you at the intensity you need to be at, you won’t be disappointed.


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Bike Rumour says that TINT is ‘a gift that keeps on giving.’

Pez Cycling News

Pez Cycling News barely survives a run in with TINT

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