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You’re a Sufferlandrian. The only thing you love as much as Suffering is making others Suffer. So what could possibly be better than being in a race full of other Sufferlandrians, you ask? How about being in TWO races full of Sufferlandrians!

This workout, designed by elite cycling coach Sir Grant Holicky, KoS of Apex Coaching, is the story of your effort to show every other Sufferlandrian in the race that nobody – NOBODY! – knows how to Suffer like you. Over the course of two 13:30 minute race simulations, you’ll prove that you’re not the Couchlandrian that some suspect you are, while fighting for the GLORY that waits for you at the finish line.


The Workout

Absolutely essential for anyone racing criteriums or cyclocross, TBTITW is one of our best sessions for developing high-end power, recovery and mental strength at the end of a scrappy, aggressive race or killer group ride.


  • 11:30 – Warm-up
  • 13:30 – Race simulation
  • 3:00 – Recovery
  • 13:30 – Race simulation
  • 3:00 – Cool-down



  • Tell Me You Hate me - Chris Burke
  • Never End Up Like This - Fresh Body Shop
  • Jet Lag - Rubberheadz
  • Heart - oTHELLO
  • Top of the Rock - Amgiaman
  • Black Eyes (Eyes of Providence Remix) - dBeam
  • I Am One - Amigaman
  • Collapsed Blue Light - Aviation Weather
  • Hello (Den5ity Remix) - Katori
  • Planes Down (Instrumental) - Metermaids
  • Drag Me Through the Dirt - Descent
  • Tunered - LehtMoJoe
  • Multiverse - Oxylice
  • Wildstar - Social Kid
  • Final Conflict - Phrenik
  • Anything but Everything - Color Out


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