Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 47 minutes
What it's about: 13 Intervals of varying length from :10 seconds to 4:00 minutes
Featured races:


Where Revolver hits you with simple, focused speed, and The Machine pounds you with steep hills, we created Steamroller to work you over everywhere else. With a workout designed by Neal Henderson, coach to Olympic and professional athletes, Steamroller helps improve every aspect of your running speed – from short ten second bursts to long four minute intervals – and everything in-between. You’ll be challenged to push yourself hard, and then even harder across 13 different high-intensity intervals. This, dear Sufferlandrians, is Suffering indeed.

With footage from Diamond League Track & Field events in London, Paris and Brussels, along with key moments from the Melbourne Marathon, you’ll find yourself running with the best athletes in the world — and trying to beat them to the line.


At 47 minutes long, Steamroller is as much a test of endurance as it is about speed.  The workout is:

  • 6:00 – Warm-up with progressive increases in effort
  • 1:00 – Recovery
  • 33:00 – 13 different intervals, varying in length from 10 seconds to four minutes. Recoveries vary between 30 seconds and 1:45.
  • 3:00 – Cool-down

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