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So, you want to be fast, eh?  This intense, very focused plan concentrates on short bursts of ‘speed’ and ‘max intensity’ efforts that will boost your sprint & anaerobic power. In your next criterium, flat road race or intense bunch ride want you to close gaps quickly, open them behind you just as rapidly, and win sprints that you might have thought were beyond you. We’re going to push you – but we know you can push back.


This plan is one seriously tough block of training that’s designed to take your sprinting, accelerating and breakaway abilities to the next level. Each day has a specific focus to help transform your solid base fitness.

  • Week 1: Building your ability to make repeated maximum efforts.
  • Week 2: You will SUFFER through a solid six day block and you’ll learn to do it with some panache.
  • Week 3: No hiding in the pack – this week will sharpen your ability to accelerate away from a group and then stay away!


  • An average of six hours a week (and never more than 8 hours).
  • Six riding days per week.
  • Usually three Sufferfest workouts + three outdoor rides.
  • Is Mt. Sufferlandria erupting and the ash cloud is forcing you to ride indoors. That's OK, you can do each workout on your trainer. Simply reduce the duration by 25% but increase the RPE by 1. (Not sure what RPE means? It's all explained in detail in the plans.)


  • Nine Hammers
  • Violator
  • Half is Easy
  • Elements of Style
  • A Very Dark Place
  • Revolver

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