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Climbing faster means focusing on climbing. This three week cycling training plan will get you faster on various gradients and durations. You’ll work on your strength using lower cadence efforts and also focus on longer threshold efforts to help you on sustained climbs. Once done, you can tackle your next mountain sportive or hilly road race with confidence and power.


This is one tough block of training and it will take your climbing to the next level. Each day has a specific focus to help transform your power when the road goes up.

  • Week 1: A mixed bag of threshold development, breakaway speed and all-out climbing repeats.
  • Week 2: Another buffet of sustained threshold work, cadence changes, max efforts and a longer aerobic workout.
  • Week 3: Five intense days to pummel your climbing legs so you can pummel your favourite climb.


  • Average of eight hours a week (never more then nine hours).
  • Six days riding per week.
  • Usually three Sufferfest workouts + three outdoor rides
  • Is Mt. Sufferlandria erupting and the ash cloud is forcing you to ride indoors. That's OK, you can do each workout on your trainer. Simply reduce the duration by 25% but increase the RPE by 1. (Not sure what RPE means? It's all explained in detail in the plans.)


  • The Long Scream
  • The Rookie
  • Angels
  • The Hunted
  • Hell Hath No Fury
  • The Wretched

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