Revolver Running

Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 29 minutes
What it's about: 9 x 1:00 maximum effort intervals
Featured races:


Based on one of our most popular – and most difficult – cycling videos, Revolver is the workout you love to hate. Probably more hate. Revolver asks – no, demands – you to push yourself to the absolute limit. And then it demands you do it nine more times with only a minute rest. It doesn’t sound terribly difficult, but don’t be fooled – you’ll find your self digging deeper, going harder and probably swearing more profusely than you thought possible.

With amazing footage from Diamond League Track & Field and the Milan Marathon, it’s true enterPAINment. But knowing that Sufferlandrians are equally at home discussing the great philosophical arguments as they are pounding themselves into the ground repeatedly, The Minions have packed Revolver full of inspirational quotes from people like Nietzsche.


There is beauty in Simplicity. Brutality, too. So let’s consider this a ‘brutiful’ workout, shall we?

At just 29 minutes, Revolver is your perfect lunchtime run.

  • 6:00 – Warm-up with progressive efforts
  • 18:00(ish) – 9 x 1:00 hard / 1:00 easy
  • 2:00 – Cool down

Sample Video

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