Nine Hammers

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Everest. Across the Sahara. To the South Pole. Through the Northwest Passage. There are extreme journeys that capture the imagination. And now, Sufferlandria adds to those adventures with the journey of the Nine Hammers. Few can make it through this epic adventure – but The Minions have confidence in you. Or maybe they just want to see you Suffer. You know how they are.

If ever an hour on the bike is going to make you faster, this is it. The workout, designed by Elite Coach Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, is geared to improve your performance at the edge of your physical and mental capabilities. You’ll take on nine VO2 and Threshold intervals, lasting from 3 to 4.5 minutes, racing with the pros as you immerse yourself in on-bike and broadcast footage from the Tours of Romandie and Switzerland. You’ll find yourself wondering whether you can hold on, but the brilliant balance in this workout means you’ll surprise yourself again and again with how hard you can push yourself.

Nine Hammers is guaranteed to become one of your most loved/hated Sufferfest videos. Just don’t be distracted by the donuts.



6:00 – Warm-up
1:30 – Recovery
4:30 – Hammer 1: Threshold
3:00 – Hammer 2: VO2
3:30 – Hammer 3: VO2
4:30 – Hammer 4: Threshold
3:00 – Hammer 5: VO2
3:00 – Hammer 6: VO2
3:00 – Hammer 7: Threshold
3:00 – Hammer 8: VO2
3:00 – Hammer 9: VO2
3:00 – Cool-Down


  • The Dirty Clergy – Wall Street
  • Pimo – Player Two
  • On No Not Stereo – Let’s Get it Started
  • Sunny Side Up – In Michigan
  • Descent – This Peace
  • Softwhere – Coke Machine
  • LehtMoJoe – Johnny Jazz
  • Nuform – Where We Begin
  • Nuform – Calm Down
  • Skiggy Ska- Kill the Noize
  • Skiggy Ska – Not Over
  • LehtMoJoe – Can’t Stop Won’t Stop
  • Fractal System – Your Body
  • Metermaids – Summer
  • Metermaids – Don’t Sleep
  • Soundtrap – Shine on Me (Proteus Noir)
  • Ming Ming and the Ching Chings – Secrets of Men
  • Green Olive Tree – Fake (False)
  • Chiwawa – Monolithic (1962)
  • Trenchtown – Lie Awake
  • Candy Rose – London with Anthem Intro by Candy Rose
  • Geoff Abraham – A Fine Line

NINE HAMMERS is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>


WannaBeRacer Blog

“A brutal grind that really pushes you to and beyond your limits. If you’re looking for a workout to do a couple weeks out of a big event, eight hammers aren’t enough. Its time for Nine Hammers.”

TriDoc Squared

“The perfect proportion of quality work within an hour on the trainer. If you’ve got some extra time, this would be a great one to follow up with Elements of Style – good practice for holding form when pre-fatigued.”

Start Confident

“If you’re the kind of rider that breaks his or her training season into periods, and has specific weaknesses highlighted for improvement — and VO2 max is one of those areas — Nine Hammers is for you.”

Beer, Bikes, Bacon

“This is so much like responding to attacks in a race, that I found myself enjoying it. Just like any race, things get nutty at the end. If you’re not screaming, “WHY?!” to yourself on the last two hammers, you need to up your intensity.”

One Crazy Summer

“This is exactly the leg numbing, fast spinning, eye popping, high definition agony that we have come to expect when we hit our trainers and look to the people at Sufferfest. It’s hard work that you know will pay huge dividends.”

Peloton Cafe

“Beyond the carefully planned and considered workout, the footage, graphics and music has reached another level. More than ever I was engrossed in the video.”

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