National Champion's Jersey

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When the peloton goes by, you can see them. The National Champions. They stand out from all the riders wearing standard issue kit. They are resplendent.  The national colours wrapped around their torsos remind you of the glory of their nation. They ARE their nation. And they are badass because THEY WON. Other riders look on in envy. They, too, wish they could stand out. That they could stand for something. That they could represent their country in a way that few ever do.

Our Sufferlandrian National Champion’s Jersey. The Red, White and Black wrapped around the torso. The Bleeding Eyes looking out from the chest. Honour and Glory on the arms. Sufferlandria on the back. Mesh sides, lycra sleeves, full length zip, three long rear pockets. If you’ve ever suffered and won anything in your life, whether it was a race, a personal best over your favourite training road or a sprint to the top of Alpe d’Huez against Alberto Contador, then this is the jersey for you.


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