Local Hero

Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Racing
Duration: 85 minutes
What it's about: 3 x 6:00 Time Trial Pyramids, 5 x 3:00 Race Simulation, 3 x 2:30 sprints
Featured races:

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This time, you’re heading to the World Championships representing Sufferlandria. Not only are you the first Sufferlandrian ever to compete in the World Championships, but the entire country is dreaming of a Sufferlandrian World Champion. Don’t let them down: or else!  Featuring brilliant footage from the Geelong, Australia UCI Road World Championships.



  • 5:00 warm-up
  • 3:00 of criterium racing
  • 3 x 6:00 pyramids– with 2:00 rest between each pyramid
    • 1:00 following Richie Porte at 7/10 effort
    • 1:00 following David Millar at 7.5/10
    • 2:00 following Fabian Cancellara at 8/10
    • 1:00 following David Millar at 7.5/10
    • 1:00 following Richie Porte at 7/10
  • 5 x 3:00 road race laps with 2:00 rest between each lap. Now each lap has its own personality, with some flatland racing, climbing, jumps or breakaways. You’ll have your chance to chase with Cadel Evans, attack with Philippe Gilbert and Vincenzo Nibali and sprint for the win against Thor Hushovd.
  • 1 x 2:00 SPRINT! Building up over 2:00, you’re going to increase the speed as you come into the final straight in Geelong. After 75 minutes of racing, can you beat Hushovd? How does 10/10 sound to you?
  • 3 more sprints! You might think you’re tough, but how would you have fared against Lemond, Bugno or Cipollini? Here’s your chance to go back in time and find out!


This one’s got it all: folk rock to techno to rock to punk to soul. And it’s all fast (except for the slow bits) and it’s all handpicked by the resident Sufferfest Studios DJ.

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LOCAL HERO is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>

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