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Over in the corner of the team bus, a rider gets ready. Team kit slipped on. Shoes cleaned and tightened. And as the rider heads out of the bus and over to the stage for sign-in, one last essential item is picked up and slipped on. The Sufferfest Bleeding Eyes cap. IWBMATTKYT on the back and bill, and the Bleeding Eyes on the front. Pulled down low, the rider makes his way to the stage. The crowd parts. Gasps. Here is, surely, the favourite.

Our cap is made by our partners at Champion System.  Four panels and one size fits all. Black and white. The graphics are sublimated – not screen printed. So they’re not going to fade or peel, even if you throw it in the washer again and again. They’re there for the life of the hat. Which is a very long time, indeed.

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