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  • Have been riding for a number of years, and have a solid fitness base.
  • Can hang with a fast moving pack, and take pulls, but when the going gets tough, you’re just hanging on by the skin of your chamois.
  • Are comfortable riding frequently during the week and getting longer sessions in on the weekends.
  • Have started to drift from your once dedicated and motivated self.
  • Have done some sportives/races in the past and would like to see what kind of result you could get if you had that ‘top end’ intensity that the faster riders have.
  • Have limited time to train.


  • Weeks 1-3: Establish training routine, progressively more intense weeks and race simulation.
  • Week 4: Recovery week to absorb work of previous three weeks.
  • Weeks 5-7: Second three-week training block, including strength and max intensity boosters.
  • Week 8: Recovery week to absorb work of previous three weeks.
  • Weeks 9, 10: Final (painful) work on high-end fitness.


  • Between five and eight hours a week.
  • Four to five days  per week (two indoor, two to three outside).
  • Is Mt. Sufferlandria erupting and the ash cloud is forcing you to ride indoors. That's OK, you can do each workout on your trainer. Simply reduce the duration by 25% but increase the RPE by 1. (Not sure RPE means? It's all explained in detail in the plans.)


  • The Long Scream
  • The Rookie
  • Nine Hammers
  • Violator
  • Half is Easy
  • Blender
  • Angels 2015
  • There is No Try
  • Elements of Style
  • A Very Dark Place
  • Revolver
  • The Wretched

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