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For too long, perhaps, we have shrugged off questions about whether The Sufferfest videos were too hard as Couchlandrian attempts to sway public opinion toward a life devoid of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY.

But it’s gone on too long – and we had to respond. So, over a bottle of Real Pagne, legendary Directeur Sportif Grunter von Agony had a quiet word with a man named Ian Field. Ian, you may know, is an elite coach with Dig Deep Coaching, and a three-time (and current) British National Cyclocross Champion.  After an evil laugh that lingered, he provided us a workout he uses to perform at the highest levels of the Cyclocross World Cup. “Don’t worry,” said Ian. “The Couchlandrians will enjoy half of it.”

And so, we give you Half is Easy. It features a boat, two puppies, a cat, a hammock, an ocean view or two and a campfire beer. It also features officially licensed UCI footage from both men’s and women’s elite racing in MTB, Cyclocross, BMX, Cycleball (yes, Cycleball) and Road. Something for everyone, really. You won’t half enjoy it.


A 39 minute workout that comfortably fits profound discomfort into a lunch hour.


  • 5:00 – Warm-up
  • 3:00 – 2x :25 Sprint & 1:00 Tempo
  • 10:00 – 20x :15 Easy/:15 Not Easy
  • 4:00 – Recovery
  • 10:00 – 20x :15 Easy/:15 Not Easy
  • 3:00 – Cool-down

It’s absolutely perfect for honing your top end during the season, and building power during the off-season.


The structure of frequent changes in tempo during the workout lent itself incredibly well to an all electronic soundtrack. We worked with music industry guru Simon Rose of The Revival to help us pick a stunning collection of tracks.

  • Martin Accorsi: Yeah!, Down with the Underground, I Wanna Know, Phunky Child
  • Dom Kane: Grasshopper, Loaded, Equinox, Take it Slow, Haiiiii
  • Collective Acoustics – Leblon
  • Dream Funker & Steven May – Get Enough (Instrumental)
  • Descent – Running Away (Instrumental)
  • Lush Logic – Push the Red Button, Headphone Sanctuary
  • Acidman – Connected

HALF IS EASY is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>


Industry Outsider

The real beauty of Half is Easy is that it’s only 39 minutes.  This means it’s quite easy to work this one in before work, on your lunch break, or just about any other day that you are pressed for time but really need to get a workout in.

Weekend Warrior Magazine

“You’ll soon be looking for how many intervals are left…and swearing that they’ve forgotten to subtract a few times.”

Triathlon 220

“A top-end fitness and ability workout focusing on extreme power bursts.”

SlowTwitch Germany

eine perfekte Einheit “Wenn’s schnell gehen muss.”

Tales from the Llama Stable

“David and his crew continue to take indoor workout videos to new levels of awesome (and suffering) with every release.”

Tri Doc Squared

“Beat the trainer boredom and watch your FTP rise!”

Bike Rumour

“If half is easy, you know what the other half is.”

Pedal Mash

“A great video…perfect for people who don’t have the time to do more than an hour to work out.”

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