Do As You're Told

Use: Individual use only (see pricing for gyms & studios)
Type: Speed
Duration: 47 minutes
What it's about: Explosive, maximum power and quick recovery.
Featured races:

Do As You're Told is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>


The little voice in your head is telling you to stop. The screams from your legs are nearly deafening. But you hear none of it – you’re following orders to ATTACK. Do As You’re Told is the story of two men in a car, your team directors, who are guiding you to GLORY over the dirt roads of Italy and the cobbles of Belgium. Ignore them at your own risk – they will not tolerate insubordination. They also have a car full of Pain Suckers and you don’t want them throwing that at you.


The Workout

DAYT has a workout designed by elite cycling coach Sir Neal Henderson, KoS, of Apex Coaching. In it, you’ll tackle two sets of 11 intervals each. The first set is matching intervals, with efforts matching recoveries. The second set features inverse intervals, with opposite efforts and recoveries. It’s an incredible session to develop explosive, maximum power and enhance your ability to recover quickly from big efforts and go again before anyone knows what hit them.


  • 11:30 – Warm-up
  • 12:00 – 11 Matching intervals where efforts and recoveries match. From 1:00 minute effort/1:00 minute recovery to :10 seconds effort/:10 seconds recovery and then back up again.
  • 4:00 – Recovery
  • 12:00 – 11 Inverse intervals where efforts and recoveries are opposite. From :10 second effort/:50 seconds recovery to :50 seconds effort/:10 seconds recovery. A nasty sting-in-the-tail finishes it off.
  • 3:00 – Cool-down



  • The Clox – Jules Verne
  • Never Come Around – Kill the Alarm
  • How I Miss You – Big Charlie
  • You Used to Be – Cary Kanno
  • Lies (Compulsive Mix) – Ghost in the Machine
  • A Test of Time (Feat. Aye) – Defunk
  • If I Ever Get Over You – Mark Kano
  • Standalone – Ghost in the Machine
  • Saturday Night Instrumental – Defunk
  • You’re Fake, I’m real – Systemshock
  • Cryogenic Dreams – Phuture Primative
  • Love and Death – The Black Hounds
  • Right Now – Systemshock
  • Ballade Three: E B G – Tosca

Do As You're Told is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>

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