Basic Multisport Customised SUF Plan

$ 179.00 USD

You're on your way to a training plan that truly fits your needs and schedule.

The SUF Customised Multisport Plan covers swim, bike, and run disciplines to get you ready to crush your next triathlon. In order to ensure proper training progressions while minimizing your risk of injury, please consider the minimum requirements for your respective event. If you don't meet the following minimums, we can still help you. We may need to extend your preparation time, this can be done by completing consecutive training plans.
Sprint: Must be able to swim.
Olympic: Completed a sprint distance triathlon OR run 5km, ridden 20km, swim 400m in past 12months.
Half: Completed an olympic distance triathlon OR run 10km, ridden 80km, swim 1000m in past 12months.
Full: Completed a half ironman distance OR run 16km, ridden 100km, swim 1500m in past 12months.

Please make sure you have a valid Sufferfest subscription as your plan will be based on Workouts from the app. We highly recommend you have an up to date 4DP also (within the last 4weeks) as this will make your plan more accurate, here is our 1week prep plan.

Once you purchase your Advanced Customised SUF Multisport Plan, we'll provide:

  • An in-depth online questionnaire so we can get to know you as an athlete and better understand your unique training constraints.
  • A 30-minute consultation with a SUF Coach to understand what you need from your plan and what kind of schedule will work best for you.
  • Delivery of a customised 12-week training plan via TrainingPeaks within a week of the consultation. You can add yoga, strength training and mental toughness to your plan at no additional charge.

If you are currently injured, we do not recommend a customised plan until you have received an all clear from your GP.

Note: If you buy more than one plan, then we will start the process for the next plan in the 11th week of the current plan.

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