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The thought of developing endurance on a turbo trainer is soul-destroying. It means spending time – a long time – on that horrific device. Even our Minions, who love indoor training, have always struggled to stay on the trainer for more than an hour.  Blender – a workout designed by elite coach Neal Henderson and the same one he gives to his athletes like Taylor Phinney (BMC) and Rohan Dennis (Garmin-Sharp) – changes everything. This is the video that softens you up, takes you to the edge of exhaustion, sneaks up behind you and kicks you over that edge, down the hill, then makes you run up while being chased by a raving mob all the while pouring molten lava down toward you. You’ll love it.

To go with such a varied workout, we put in:

  • Road World Championships (Limburg, Netherlands) for both Men and Women
  • Cyclocross World Cup
  • Cyclocross World Championships for Women
  • Mountain Biking World Championships (both Cross Country and Downhill).
  • Some great track cycling and fat tire snow biking
  • Some cycling safety tips from a top British professional cyclist (back in 1939!) and some words from Davis Phinney of the Davis Phinney Foundation.


Whatever you thought was difficult is going to have to move into second position. With a workout designed by Elite Cycling and Triathlon Coach Neal Henderson, it’s your chance to suffer like the pros. Here’s what you’re going to be up against over the 1 hour and 40 minutes:


  • 10:00 – Warm-up (progressive build)
  • 2:00 – Recovery
  • Interval Set 1: Mixed Longer Intervals Threshold/VO2 Max
    • 10:00 Threshold
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 2:00 VO2
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 8:00 Threshold
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 4:00 Supra LT
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 6:00 Threshold
    • 4:00 Recovery
  • Interval Set 2: 18 Short/Intense Power Intervals at VO2 Max and Anaerobic Capacity
    • 6 x :40s VO2/ :20s Recovery
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 6 x :30s VO2/ :30s Recovery
    • 2:00 Recovery
    • 6 x :20 Sprint/:40s Recovery
    • 4:00 Recovery
  • Interval set 3: 3 x  4:00  Threshold/ 1:00 Recovery
  • 5:00 – Cool-down


Like the workout, like the racing, it’s got a bit of everything: electro, dance, indie rock, pop and chill-out.

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BLENDER is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>



“If you do this at 100%, I would get another bucket and two more towels.  Life insurance is also recommended.”

Non-Pro Cyclist

“I was back to being a human sprinkler. A pool of sweat was forming beneath me. The Gatorade was gone. I had one and a bit bottles of water left and no Gels. And things were about to turn ugly.

Industry Outsider

“You want to be sure you have an appetite for self-destruction (and some comfortable bibs) before starting Blender. Blender will soften you up, find your weakness and exploit it.”


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