Performance gains aren’t just made on the trainer. Pros and elite athletes use yoga as an integral part of their training routines because it has real benefits.


Yoga helps improve strength and flexibility in ways that translate directly to more speed and power on the bike.

The improved range of motion you’ll gain will also help you avoid injury and recover faster.

The Sufferfest™ provides access to 50+ yoga sessions across six categories and three different skill levels. If you’re using one of the training plans that come free with your app subscription, we’ve integrated these sessions into each plan, making it even easier to incorporate yoga into your training.


When looking for a yoga partner, we knew we wanted someone that was performance-oriented and focused. Abi Carver has built a reputation based on her effective, no-nonsense yoga sessions that can fit into even the busiest schedule. Abi’s fitness career started out in personal training, and she has a deep understanding of the unique demands athletes like cyclists put on their bodies. She has established a huge online following with, her comprehensive yoga system designed specifically for endurance and action-sports athletes.

On the Fence About Yoga? Check Out What Other Sufferlandrians Are Saying

Is it just me, or is anyone else FEELING more stable and fluid on the bike. I also feel like my breathing is better controlled. It’s the best I’ve felt on the bike for some time. 
—Jared (Australia)
I was skeptical of this yoga malarkey, but I just got my race bike out and had to lower the stem height by 10mm. At this rate my stem will be slammed by the end of the month and I’ll have to cut my steerer down! 
—Peter (UK)
I find myself feeling grateful for the yoga programme over and over. Thank you Abi! This has been exactly what I need and from the benefits I’m experiencing already I know I will be stronger on the bike this season due to your excellent yoga sessions. Love the structure and pace.
—Michael (Canada)  


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