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Included with your subscription to The Sufferfest™ are the most comprehensive, customized, effective training plans available. To get started, log in to the app, select your discipline—including road, triathlon, cyclocross, gravel, XC MTB, and eSports—add optional yoga, strength or mental toughness, and then track your progress directly within the SUF app.


The Science

Training plans are only as good as the science behind them. All of The Sufferfest training plans available in our app are designed by world-class coaches and automatically tailored to your 4DP™ profile, using the same framework developed by coach Neal Henderson to train his elite and professional athletes. With more than 50 World Championships in this coaching portfolio, he knows what he's doing. Grounded in cutting-edge sports science, verified by rigorous lab testing, and proven by victories in the most prestigious cycling events in the world, The Sufferfest™ training plans simply work.


On The Road, On the Dirt, or Online.

Designed specifically for time-crunched athletes across a range of disciplines, The Sufferfest™ training plans provide the perfect balance of intensity and recovery so you get the most fitness gains out of the limited time you have to train. Say goodbye to endless hours on the trainer and long base phases that don’t deliver results. Say hello to effective sports science that makes you faster.


Comprehensive Training

To unlock your potential as an athlete you need to do more than just ride. The Sufferfest™ training plans integrate structured workouts with full-body yoga sessions to improve balance and flexibility, strength training to help you deliver more power to the pedals, and mental toughness exercises to turn your mind into your secret weapon. One plan. Everything you need.

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Customised Training Plans

If our standard plans aren't flexible enough for your life situation, then have a look at our Customised Training Plans. Our world-class SUFCoaching Team will send you a questionnaire, conduct a live interview with you and then send you a SUF plan tailored to your particular needs. 


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