After taking a battering in a 7th stage that will go down in history as being one EPIC MOTHER F&^%ER of a Stage, tensions were high amongst the riders. The aggression even spilled over into Twitter… jenssuffers But, come morning, the peloton rolled out of the start of Stage 8 (Blender) with a new peculiar, new-found confidence. Some riders even brought in reinforcements to their teams… 1660760_10203304217508927_1858725479_n Ahead lay nearly two hours of Pain Shakes, Minion Grinders and of course, PAIN, AGONY and MISERY! The question on everyone’s mind was… WillItBlend BfZ5vvHIIAElzaG Coach Neal Henderson, the evil mastermind behind the design of Stage 8, even showed up to the start line with a body guard… BfYM1CtIEAEHIUl …with Minions holding back the peloton who seemed quite eager to ‘thank’ Coach Henderson for his contributions to Sufferlandrian society, the focus turned to the race at hand and the Suffering got underway. 1601458_10151811826511652_1622218291_n 1656306_10153789355015343_1887624988_n 1622645_10201437554564250_1851530114_n 62374_10152240571678489_208176076_n 1558522_10152405599108787_1204365476_n Yes, Sir David Triska is doing the entire Tour in a respirator to raise awareness of Veterans’ Mental Health issues… 1618617_10153800870290525_1436928253_n Into the Pain Shakes and the Sufferlandrian Holy Water flowed freely… 1798155_10201447511809499_652224016_n 1618486_10201401215737147_1968736153_n 1779332_10151934157388519_206799531_n With Stage 8 in the bag, and a time bonus on offer for EVERY one of the 64 sprints in Stage 9, the chances for GLORY are high for our Sufferlandrians! 1782005_10202494725763391_451487340_n 1016458_10202965520957264_1675412775_n BfavpT_IIAATnEj Sleep well…the end is near… 1796533_10202265677737658_1868518952_n
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