The 2017 Tour of Sufferlandria

Get it in your diary and prepare for nine straight days of Sufferfest videos. The 2017 Tour of Sufferlandria, the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation, is from the 4th to the 12th of February. Official Patrons are Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter and all donations benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation. In 2016, more than 3,000 Sufferlandrians raised $125,000 for the DPF.


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  1. The Tour of Sufferlandria is about doing 9 days of Sufferfest videos in a row. You do the rides from the relative discomfort of your own home or in a group at one of our Officially Licensed Facilities.
  2. STARTING FROM 10 JANUARY -- REGISTER: for the Tour by making at least a $10 USD donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation. For every $10 USD you donate, you earn one chance in our prize pool (so if you donate, say, $100, you earn 10 chances in our prize pool). Even better: Start a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to your cause. Each $10 you raise also earns you a chance to win.
  3. Get The Sufferfest App and Subscribe. You'll need it to do the required stages. You can get it for Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone here: . The cost is $10 USD/month and you can cancel at any time - so, if you like, you can sign up, ride the Tour and cancel...only spending $10 to ride the Tour.
  4. Customise your Race number and post as your profile pic on social media so we know you're riding. You can find the links to the number below.
  5. Then get on and ride the video(s) for each stage of the Tour on the day specified. You DO NOT have to track or tell us or anyone whether you do the stages or how hard you ride. You are a Sufferlandrian, we trust you will do justice to the course.
  6. Be sure to join in the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook group -it's the Official Race Village and where all the trash-talk happens. It’s awesome fun.
  7. Once it's over, you will have accomplished something truly incredible. HONOR, GLORY and VICTORY will be yours.
One week after the ToS, we take all the donations and randomly select winners for the prize pool. Winners will be notified by email and on this page.

    * It’s not really a race – it’s just you against yourself and whether you can push yourself for 9 days straight.

    ** Thanks to the wonders of a round planet and multiple timezones, each ‘Day’ on the Tour of Sufferlandria starts and finishes at the International Date Line. Practically, that means you have a 50 hour window in which to complete each stage. We’ll have a complete breakdown nearer the start of the Tour.


     You can buy the Official Race poster. Available in two versions: one with a male rider and one with a female rider. All profits from sale of posters donated to the Davis Phinney Foundation. Get them at at RedBubble.



    Download the template to create your own ToS 2017 Race number. Just change whatever you like, do a screen shot and post as your profile pic on social media. Instructions in the document.

    Template for Powerpoint (Windows)

    Template for Keynote (Mac)

    (Knights of Sufferlandria ONLY: Template for Keynote and Powerpoint)

    THE 2017 STAGES

    The 2017 Route will be announced on the 4th of January on our ToS FB page. Remember, each stage starts when that date starts on Earth (Which is GMT+14) and the stage finishes when it's no longer that date anywhere, anymore. Meaning you have 50 hours within which to complete the stage. We encourage you to do the stage within your own time zone, but you can do the stage anytime in between the start and finish times listed below.
    Stage 1, Sat 4th Feb: Igniter + The Long Scream
     Start Finish
    Stage 2, Sun 5th Feb: The Way Out + Power Station
     Start Finish
    Stage 3, Mon 6th Feb: The Omnium
     Start Finish
    Stage 4, Tue 7th Feb: Angels
    Start Finish
    Stage 5, Wed 8th Feb: Nine Hammers
    Start Finish
    Stage 6, Thu 9th Feb: There is No Try
    Start Finish
    Stage 7, Fri 10th Feb: Hell Hath No Fury
    Start Finish
    Stage 8, Sat 11 Feb: Revolver + RIE + Half is Easy
    Start Finish
    Stage 9, Sun 12 Feb: ISLTA
    Start Finish

    2017 PRIZE LIST!

    We've only just begun putting our amazing prize list together, but here is what we have so far! It's building nearly ever day, so stay tuned for more great prizes.



    Announced in Mid-January


      Announced in Mid-January


      The DPF is committed to supporting programs and research that deliver inspiration, information and tools that will enable people living with Parkinson’s to take more control in managing their disease. The DPF was founded in 2004 by Olympic medalist and cycling great, Davis Phinney, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2000 at the age of 40.


      Davis Phinney is one of our heroes from the 80s, was a professional cyclist who won, amongst other things, two stages of the Tour de France. His wife, Connie Carpenter, was the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Women’s Road Race and a World Champion on the track. Davis, who has Parkinson’s disease, set up the Davis Phinney Foundation to help people with Parkinson’s live better lives now. Davis and Connie are our ToS 2016 Race Patrons. Their son is Taylor Phinney of the Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team.


      Let me get this right. The Tour of Sufferlandria is simply doing one or more Sufferfest videos over 9 days as listed in the Official Route? Correct.

      Is it a race? No. It is simply you against yourself to see whether you can push yourself for 9 days. We believe you can.

      Where does it take place? In your Bike Torture Chamber, Pain Cave or whatever you call it. Or join a group at one of our Official Sufferlandrian Embassies.

      How do I sign up? You register by making a $10 donation to our partner charity, The Davis Phinney Foundation. For every $10 you donate, you’ll have one chance to win one of the amazing prizes.

        But how will you know I did the videos? We trust you. But we'll also see on the app.

        Do I have to do all the stages? Yes. Of course, you can skip one or more. But then you’ll know. And you probably won’t be able to forgive yourself for that.

        For stages with more than one video, do I have to do the videos back-to-back? Yes. You wouldn’t take a break halfway through a Tour de France or Giro stage so why would you expect less of the Tour of Sufferlandria?

        Do I have to do them on the exact dates?  You actually have a 50 hour window in which to do each stage thanks to the wonder of a round planet and multiple time zones. We'll have a countdown clock for each stage so you know what the exact time windows are.

        Do I have to have the app in order to complete The ToS? Yes - many of the stages feature videos that are only available on The Sufferfest Training Centre App.

        I don't have the app so I'll just make up my own stages and do the Tour. That's cool, right? You can do that, but then you're not doing the Tour.

        What kind of bike do I need for this? Can I do it on rollers? As long as you can Suffer on it, we don’t care what kind of machine you use.

        I’m planning on peaking for Paris-Roubaix, the Tour de France and the World Championships. Do you think the ToS is the right prep? Of course! What else are you going to do – Paris-Nice or some easy race like that? C’mon. Let’s get back to the old-school way of preparing for big goals and suffer like greased pigs in January!

        I guess I'm going to get hungry? What do I eat? Check out our nutrition advice for getting through the Tour.


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