We support the underdogs, the fighters, the people who overcome incredible odds to make amazing things happen. 

The Sufferfest™ African Dream Team

Since 2014 The Sufferfest™ has been the proud sponsor of a  mountain bike team from the small, African country of Lesotho. Formerly the ACE-Lesotho Mountain Bike Team, The Sufferfest™ African Dream Team has expanded to include riders beyond Lesotho's borders.

The team is committed to showcasing the talent of African cyclists on the international stage and providing aspiring athletes with a positive and safe environment to develop to their full potential. 

In 2017, The Sufferfest™ African Dream Team surpassed all expectations by becoming the highest-ranked UCI mountain bike team in Africa and the 26th best-ranked in the world.

We're proud to be a small part of the team and their story. Find out more about these amazing athletes and their triumphs. Check out their website and Facebook page.


Dare To Dream

Listen to their story on The Sufferfest™ podcast, Everybody Hurts. Bring a tissue. 


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