We support the underdogs, the fighters, the people who overcome incredible odds to make amazing things happen. 

African Dream Team

Since 2014 The Sufferfest has been the proud sponsor of a  mountain bike team from the small, African country of Lesotho. Formerly the ACE-Lesotho Mountain Bike Team, The Sufferfest African Dream Team has expanded to include riders beyond Lesotho's borders. The team is committed to showcasing the talent of African cyclists on the international stage and providing aspiring athletes with a positive and safe environment to develop to their full potential.  In 2017, The Sufferfest African Dream Team surpassed all expectations by becoming the highest-ranked UCI mountain bike team in Africa and the 26th best-ranked in the world. We're proud to be a small part of the team and their story. Find out more about these amazing athletes and their triumphs. Check out their website and Facebook page, and listen to their story on The Sufferfest podcast, Everybody Hurts. Bring a tissue. 

The Homestretch Foundation

The Homestretch Foundation was founded in 2014 by former pro cyclist, Kathryn Bertine, to help women cyclists achieve equality in the sport. In addition to providing free housing in Tucson, Arizona for up to ten female professional endurance athletes, the Homestretch Foundation also provides them with training support. We believe that cycling should be inclusive and that female athletes should have the same opportunities as their male counterparts. We were the first corporate sponsor of Kathryn's 2014 film, Half The Road: The Passion, Pitfalls & Power of Women's Professional Cycling (it's awesome). When we heard about the Homestretch Foundation, we knew it was important. We make sure that the athletes have access to free, weekly motorpacing sessions—a key (but expensive) element of training that pro riders use to build critical race fitness. Find out more about the Homestretch Foundation and Kathryn Bertine on The Sufferfest podcast, Everybody Hurts.

2017 / 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships

The Union Cycliste International (UCI), is cycling's governing body. Though Sufferlandria has yet to be invited to compete in the World Championships (something about us not really being a country. We think they're just scared we'll sweep the podium) the UCI knows a kick-ass training app when they see one. The Sufferfest was chosen as the Official Training App Supplier of both the 2017 and 2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships. The UCIGFWC gives the world's best masters and amateur racers the opportunity to represent their countries compete for the coveted UCI World Champion’s Rainbow Jersey. What we do for aspiring world champions, we can do for you.

Have a Race? We Have An Idea

4th place is the worst. It's so close to the podium you can almost taste the glory. It should be you up there, getting sprayed with Realpagne. Let's make it happen. 

If you're a race organiser, we want to help your 4th place finishers take the podium. In exchange for letting people at your races and in your sphere know about The Sufferfest, we'll provide free one-month subscriptions to The Sufferfest app to all your 4th place finishers. Some good old-fashioned Suffering is just what they need to up their game and take their rightful place on those hallowed steps. 

Find out more by sending an email to with details of your race, a link to your social media accounts and race website and the number of categories you have.

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