Without traditional resources, Sufferlandria has carved out our place in the global economy through the export of the one thing we have in abundance: Suffering. Our primary agricultural product is Sufferlandrian Multi-Pain bread. To feed our victory-hungry populace much of the Sufferlandrian heartland has been plowed under. It is a vast expanse of Amber Waves of Pain. The Sufferlandrian farmers who harvest our native PainGrain do so aboard pain threshers, powered exclusively by turbo trainers. Through a secret process known only to select Minions, the by-product of our unholy harvest is converted to Sufferlandria’s most valued exports: SUFFERING and GLORY.

Suffer-Fact! According to the World Bank, the GDP (Gross Domestique Punishment) generated by Sufferlandria during a single Sufferfest workout exceeds that produced by all other nations combined.

Population Stability Key to Success

Regional economists have written at length about the “Pain Drain” that has decimated the cycling teams of neighboring countries. This is characterized by loss of talent due to the inability to Suffer. Not surprisingly, the Sufferlandrian labored-breathing force is immune to this particular economic phenomenon.

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