We’re only small, but we support people who have gone through some degree of PAIN, AGONY and MISERY in the pursuit of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY.  Here are the fantastic groups who we’re beating the hell out of with our videos so they can beat crush you. IWBMATTKYT!

Major Teams

ACE-Lesotho-The Sufferfest MTB Team (Lesotho)

In 2014, we became the title sponsor of Africa’s first all-black UCI registered Elite MTB team. Overcoming obstacles that would crush most human beings, this team of total Badass Sufferlandrian’s in Lesotho has been able to compete at the UCI MTB World Cup, World Championships and take nearly every national title on offer. They are truly Sufferlandrian role models. Visit their website, read our story about them and please follow them on Facebook


UCI Women’s Road World Cup (Global)

We’ve long thought that women’s racing was even more aggressive and exciting than men’s racing. Our involvement in Bike Pure’s Women’s development team and our role as the first corporate sponsor of Half the Road, the documentary on the state of women’s cycling, proved that. So we jumped at the chance to be the first Official Sponsor of the UCI Women’s World Cup.

Have a race? We’re your new sponsor! (Global)

So close, yet so far. 4th place is the worst place of all. If you are a race organiser, we want to help race participants because if they want to make the podium, then they need The Sufferfest and a bit more IWBMATTKYT.  In exchange for a bit of publicity, we can provide a free one-month subscription toThe Sufferfest app all your 4th place finishers – just as we have for hundreds of races around the world.

Find out more by sending an email to with details of your race, a link to your social media accounts and race website and the number of categories you have.

Try the sufferfest for free

One subscription works across Windows, Mac, iPad and iPhone devices. Try it for free for 7 days. No card necessary. Cancel easily at any time. If you continue, it’s just $12.99 USD/month or $99 USD/year.

That's it. No games. Just getting faster.