Four-Dimensional Power™: The Science of Making You Faster

4DP™ will change the way you train. Other training apps that just use your FTP are guessing what you're capable of when they set power targets. 4DP creates your full power profile to reveal who you are as a cyclist and personalize every target in your workouts to match your unique capabilities. No other training app can do that.





The Sports Science of 4DP™

Four-Dimensional Power™ was developed in conjunction with world-renown sports scientist and coach to the pros, Neal Henderson. Having coached athletes to over 45 world championships, numerous Olympic medals, Grand Tour stage wins, and two world records, coach Neal Henderson knows that FTP-based workouts aren't enough if you want to train effectively. The Sufferfest uses the same fitness assessment and power target algorithm Neal uses with his professional athletes to create the most effective training platform available.

No games, just gains.




Your subscription to The Sufferfest gives you unlimited streaming or offline access to our complete library of structured video workouts. Each one is designed by the best coaches in the world to make you stronger, faster, and tougher. No matter what aspect of your fitness you want to improve, we have a workout to get you there.



Workouts across nine categories target every aspect of your fitness, including Base, Climbing, Drills, Endurance, Fitness Tests, Racing Simulation, Speed Building, Style / Form, and Time Trial. Choose videos with officially-licensed footage from the world's biggest races or one of our NoVid workouts without an associated video.


What's It Like to Strap Into One of Our Workouts? Here's a Taste: 


Even on those days you don’t want to train, our workouts will almost make you forget how hard you're pushing yourself.

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No games. Just gains.