The World's Most Incredible Cycling Holiday - 12-18 June 2016

If you do only one cycling holiday in your life, let this be it. Hailed as a 'life changing' (really!) experience in 2015, we're proud to run SUF Camp from the 12th to the 18th of June 2016. 

The fantasy of riding as part of a National Team is one we have all had, and we're making it a reality for you as a Sufferlandrian National Team member. Once again, the UCI World Cycling Centre in Aigle, Switzerland global headquarters for the UCI and the destination for elite national teams – exclusively opens their doors to us. This experience is normally only available to riders sent by their national federations – but the UCI is making a very special exception for us.

We have just 16 spots on SUF Camp (Update: Only 5 spots left!), and riders of all levels and ages are welcome. You don't need to race or be competitive to attend - you just need to love bikes and want to become a better rider. Our unique Fitness+Knowledge+Skills+Insights format means you're going to leave not just a fitter rider, but a better rider. I’d love for you to be there with me, Coach Neal Henderson, your fellow Sufferlandrians and the team from the UCI. Hurry – there are limited spots available on this amazing, luxury camp.

– David McQuillen, Sufferfest Founder & Chief Suffering Officer



Aigle, Switzerland

Located in the headquarters of the sport’s governing body, this is where the world’s National Cycling Teams and most promising talents come to train and learn. And so it’s only right that we’re there, too. The UCI World Cycling Center, in the Lake Geneva region town of Aigle, Switzerland is our base. Chris Froome, amongst other, trained here, the velodrome is where a world hour record was set, there is a world-cup cyclo-cross circuit and the BMX track is a replica of Rio 2016. As you mix with the other athletes from around the world who are training for world and Olympic championships, look around: countless roads lead into the hills, mountains, down valleys and along rivers. It’s cycling paradise.

Programme: Making you a better cyclist.

Four key aspects to every day on the camp.

Most camps are just about getting kilometers in legs. This is so much more. Our programme will not only get you fitter, but will make you a BETTER cyclist. We’ll be busy. Every day has four pillars: Fitness (endurance rides), Knowledge (classroom sessions), Skills (Track, BMX, Team Time Trial and other on-bike practice) and Insights (exclusive, gourmet dinners and vineyard visits with cycling insiders from the UCI and beyond). Did we mention the exclusive visit with a World Tour Team at the Tour of Switzerland? Oh, that's going to be pretty special.


Unprecedented access to elite coaching & support.

You're going to have access to the best. And we mean it. Your Sufferlandrian National Team coach is Sir Neal Henderson, KoS. Founder of APEX Coaching and a coach with both the US National Team and BMC Pro Racing, Neal notably coached Evelyn Stevens and Rohan Dennis to World Hour Records (and Rohan to a Tour de France Yellow jersey). You’ll also have access to UCI World Cycling Center coaches from Road, Track, BMX and Cyclocross as well as the team of elite mechanics in the World Cycling Centre Service Course.  Sufferfest CEO David McQuillen will be your host for the entire week and you'll receive brilliant on-the-road support and guides. You deserve nothing less.


You're a star – it's time you were treated like one.

This is the pro experience you deserve. Not only will you have world-class coaches at your beck-and-call, but you’ll be given national team kit, casual wear and accessories. All road rides will be fully supported by the exceptional team at Grand Tours Project. UCI executives will be eager to meet you. Great accommodation and evening meals will comfort you as you learn about the inner workings of our sport from cycling insiders.

The Schedule

This is your chance to live, breathe and eat cycling. We’re still working on the final schedule, but the details below give you an idea of the amazing experience we’ve prepared for you.


    • Arrival: You make your way by train to Aigle from whatever airport you fly into (we recommend Geneva – not least because the airport code is GVA). It’s easy and we’ll tell you how to do it.
    • Provision of National Team kit, casual wear, accessories, on-bike nutrition and other surprises. Depending on the time you arrive at the World Cycling Centre in Aigle, you might have time for a ride.
    • Welcome dinner at local vineyard restaurant with the entire SUF National Team, Staff and UCI members.


    • BIKE CHECK: The UCI's team of elite mechanics will look at your bike and make sure it's ready for the week ahead.
    • FITNESS: Fitness test. We’ll undertake an FTP test on Wattbikes in the middle of the World Cycling Center Velodrome. Coach Neal Henderson may or may not have an ‘encouragement’ stick with him.
    • KNOWLEDGE: Classroom with Coach Neal: Effective training and recovery with review of Fitness Test data.
    • SKILLS: Intro to track riding on the UCI Velodrome (former home of the World Hour Record).
    • INSIGHT: Tour of the UCI World Cycling Centre and dinner at a local restaurant with cycling insiders.


    • FITNESS: Bike handling skills workshop and then 2 hour hilly ride to practice flatland and descending skills.
    • KNOWLEDGE: Classroom: Review of video from bike handling skills workshop.
    • SKILLS: Introduction to Cyclo-cross on part of the Aigle Cyclo-cross World Cup course. We'll joined by former World Cyclocross Champion Pascal Richard, who also won the Gold medal at the Atlanta Olympic Road Race (he'll be joining us for dinner, too.)
    • INSIGHT: Dinner at local restaurant with cycling insiders.


    • FITNESS: Individual and Team Time Trial practice.
    • KNOWLEDGE: Classroom: Preparing for major events (races, sportives, etc.).
    • SKILLS: Velodrome riding part II.
    • – Free: You’re on your own to explore the region.


    • FITNESS: 4 hour EPIC mountain ride with handicapped start.
    • KNOWLEDGE: Classroom: The Sports Science behind the 2012 Olympic Team Pursuit.
    • SKILLS: Introduction to BMX on the Rio 2016 replica track (hey, when else in your life will you learn to ride BMX?).
    • INSIGHT: Vineyard tour and dinner.

    FRIDAY Tour of Switzerland VIP visit with World Tour Team

    This is truly going to be a mind-blowing day and something even Grunter von Agony will never forget.

    • AMAZING RIDE: First, we’ll have a gloriously hilly, fully-supported ride in the Aigle region. Then we’ll head off to the Tour of Switzerland to visit a World Tour Team at the Tour of Switzerland. This will be a remarkable journey through some stunning Swiss landscape.
    • VISIT TO TEAM BUS: Then, we’ll be the guests of a World Tour Team (in 2015, it was IAM Pro Cycling) before the finish, where we’ll get a tour of the team bus, a look at the foods and recovery drinks prepared by their nutritionist (all Sufferlandrian Team riders will get their own musette) and have a Q&A with team management.
    • CHAT WITH STAFF: After watching the finish, we’ll meet the team at the hotel. We’ll chat with the physios and the other staff members whilst the riders are being massaged. The mechanics will get the bikes ready for the next day and we’ll get a full insight into the technology on show on these bikes!
    • DINNER WITH TEAM: Lastly, we’ll have dinner with the team and staff.


    • SO SAD: Optional easy morning ride and farewell breakfast in Aigle as we all say goodbye and head back to our home countries.

    Images from 2015

    Located in Cycling Paradise

    Book your spot on SUF Camp - only 5 spots left!

    This will be one of the most enjoyable weeks of your life. Riders of all fitness levels and ages are welcome. (Most riders are in their 50s and do not race - they just love to ride.) SUF Camp costs $4,950 USD and you can reserve your spot with a deposit of $750.

    Have any questions? Then please send me an email -

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