Performance gains aren’t just made while you’re toiling on your trainer or smashing a local group ride. Professional teams and elite athletes use yoga as an integral part of their training routines for a reason.

Yoga helps improve strength and flexibility and enhance recovery in ways that translate directly to speed and power on the bike.

The improved range of motion you’ll gain will also help you avoid injury and recover faster.

The Sufferfest provides access to 30 different yoga sessions across six categories and three different skill levels. If you’re using one of the training plans that come free with your app subscription, we’ve integrated these sessions into each plan, making it even easier to add yoga to your training.

Our integration with TrainingPeaks and Final Surge allows you to choose optional Yoga components to add to any of The Sufferfest / APEX Coaching training plans.

Recovery - Recovery is critical -- the key to maximizing your body’s adaptation to training stress and preventing injury. Boost your recovery with these sessions.




Flexibility - Cyclists spend long periods in a static position. These sessions stretch tight muscles and restore joint mobility so you can put your power to better use.





Core - You need to be strong and balanced at your core to get maximum power to the pedals. These sessions strengthen the abs, obliques, lower back, and hips.



Posture, Balance & Agility - Balance training is one of the best ways to improve your body control, power output, and coordination. Bring on the technical descents.


Travel/Office - Stay strong, even in Couchlandria. On the road doesn’t have to mean on the couch. These sequences lets you continue to get the benefits of yoga training no matter where you are.


Breathing - Conscious breathing slows down your central nervous system so that you’re able to operate from a calmer and more effective state of mind—whether it’s to focus before your training or calm pre-race nerves.



    You don’t need to cut into your riding time to get the benefits of a regular yoga routine. Most of the Sufferfest Yoga for Cyclists sessions are 15 minutes or less, making them perfect for the time-crunched athlete looking to improve full-body strength and flexibility. They’re also performance-oriented, getting you straight to the exercises that matter. You’ll easily be able to fit them in at home a few times a week, without having to stare at some stranger’s Downward Dog in a crowded yoga studio.



    When looking for a yoga partner, we knew we wanted someone that was performance-oriented and focused. Abi Carver has built a reputation based on her effective, no-nonsense yoga sessions that can fit into even the busiest schedule. Abi’s fitness career started out in personal training, and she has a deep understanding of the unique demands athletes like cyclists put on their bodies. She has established a huge online following with, her comprehensive yoga system designed specifically for endurance and action-sports athletes.



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