Do 10 Sufferfest Videos Back-to-Back in One Day. Become a Legend. Get a Decal.

King Arthur had the Round Table. Prince had The Revolution. We have the Knights of Sufferlandria®.

Of course all Sufferlandrians know how to take punishment. It’s in our nature. But there are some among us who have elevated the ideal of Suffering in the cause of HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY to an art form.Yes, there are Sufferlandrians. And then there are Knights of Sufferlandria®. To be awarded the highest honour, one must simply (*cough*) do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.

Rules for a Sufferlandrian Knighthood Attempt

  • Please see a doctor. You’re not right and are in desperate need of help.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.
  • You can do them in any order you like.
  • You may not do any video title more than once (e.g., you can't do the old and the remastered version of a video.)
  • The following workouts ARE valid as part of The Quest:
    • 14 Vise Grips
    • A Very Dark Place
    • Angels
    • Attacker
    • Blender
    • Butter
    • Cobbler
    • Defender
    • Do As You're Told
    • Fight Club
    • GOAT
    • Hell Hath No Fury
    • It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (ISLAGIATT)
    • Local Hero
    • Nine Hammers
    • Norway
    • Power Station
    • Revolver
    • Team Scream
    • The Bat
    • The Best Thing in the World
    • The Chores
    • The Downward Spiral
    • The Hunted
    • The Omnium
    • The Rookie
    • The Shovel
    • The Trick
    • The Wretched
    • There Is No Try
    • Thin Air
    • Violator
    • Who Dares.
  • If a video is NOT on the list above it is NOT valid for a Knighthood ride.
  • Running videos are not permitted.
  • You are allowed 10 minutes rest between videos. No more. But less is fine.
  • You must publicly record and post the event somehow – e.g., power/hr files, photos, Facebook posts and/or tweets during the event to show progress.
  • We do not set any kind of performance benchmark for your ride (i.e., how hard you have to go). However, we insist that you do a ride in which you Suffer and which, most importantly, of which you are immensely proud of yourself for having given all you can give and a bit more.
  • You really should, although its not necessary, try to raise money for a good cause. It'll do good for the world, make you even prouder of yourself and rightly earn the praise of your fellow Sufferlandrians.
  • One of the following must be true for each person who wants to be Officially Recognised as a Knight of Sufferlandria®:
  1. You have a subscription to The Sufferfest™ app OR...
  2. You are completing your Knighthood at one of our Officially Licensed Sufferfest Facilities as part of an Official Knighthood ride organised by the Facility and approved by The Sufferfest™.
  • Group Quests attempted in a commercial studio setting must be done at one of the Officially Licensed Sufferlandrian Embassies. Failure to comply will invalidate your Quest. Group Quests done in church basements, garages, sheds or down the bottom of a well (non-commercial bike torture chamber venues) do not need to meet this criteria.
  • Upon completion, fill out the form at the bottom of this page (don’t send us an email – we need it through the form).
  • Wait for The Minions to get back to you (normally takes a few days).
  • If your ride is accepted, the Minions will notify you and you'll be invited to join the Knights-exclusive group on the SUForum
  • Bask for eternity in the GLORY that comes from being a Knight of Sufferlandria®. Never shall you not be the centre of every single dinner conversation you attend from that point onwards.

Prestigious Gifts and Accolades 

Here’s what you get when you become a Knight of Sufferlandria®. Don’t let it go to your head.

  • The immense satisfaction of having done something truly incredible and awe-inspiring and a little bit mad.
  • A nice(ish) certificate with your name on it, and a very exclusive bike decal (in white and black no less!).
  • An invitation to join the *very**exclusive* Knights of Sufferlandria® SUForum group.
  • We – and other Knights and Sufferlandrians – will verily then address your honourable self as Sir or Dame, whatever the case may be, from thence forward.
  • You may use the designation KoS after your name whenever you like.

What's It Like to Do It?


Prepping for Glory: The 5-Week Knighthood Training Plan

Sir Mac Cassin, Senior Cycling Physiologist at Wahoo Sports Science Division, has put together a 5-week training plan to get you ready to storm the Castle. You can find it under the Special Focus category in the training plans library in the app.

But before you dive in, here's a little disclaimer:

Due to the demands of a Knighthood attempt, (10 Sufferfest sessions back-to-back) this plan is designed for those who have already built up a decent level of fitness through consistent training over the past 6 months.

We would not recommend this plan or a Knighthood attempt to anyone with less than 6 months of training under their belt.


Just Finished Your Knighthood? Submit Your Details Here.

Please allow two weeks for us to process your application.

Current Knights of Sufferlandria®

(Note: Listing is by NATIONALITY of the Knight, not the location of the ride.)

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