Time for a Little Spring Cleaning

Join Abi Carver of and your fellow Sufferlandrians 25 March thru 23 April as we take on The Spring Into Yoga 30 Day Challenge. Open to everyone, from beginners to advanced yogic practitioners, this challenge will focus on improving your flexibility and turbo-charging your powers of recovery.

Breathing to Crush Them

Many of the sessions in this challenge focus on breathing. The aim is to give you techniques to become more aware of how you breathe and how it can affect your performance on the bike. Using these techniques will help you to focus more effectively, reduce pre-event jitters, and get the most out of your workouts.


Back in Shape

This challenge will also focus on improving your spinal mobility. Cycling involves being in a hunched position for long periods off time, which can affect the normal lumbar, thoracic and cervical curves of your spine. The sessions in this challenge will focus on restoring healthy spinal flexibility and stability.


Are You Hip, Daddy-O?

Because of the limited range of motion involved in pedaling a bike, cyclists have notoriously tight hips. To help correct this imbalance, improving hip mobility will be a major focus of this challenge. We will look at improving hip mobility in all ranges of motion, allowing you to put more power to the pedals.

Most importantly, this challenge is about getting a better understanding of how yoga can support you both on and off the bike, to help you to challenge yourself in new ways, and establish a solid yoga habit so that it becomes an indispensable part of your balanced weekly training routine.

As well as completing a daily yoga routine every day, we will suggest additional tasks and reading material that will help you become a more knowledgeable and enlightened yogi. Because knowledge is POWER, and as cyclists, that is something we all want more of.

How It Works

All you need to join the Spring Into Yoga 30 Day Challenge is:

  1. A subscription to The Sufferfest Training System
  2. 15-20 minutes a day
  3. A desire to be faster, stronger, and more comfortable on the bike.

We've created a schedule of 30 sessions from our Yoga for Cyclists series in the app to help you jumpstart your outdoor season. If you're nervous about the prospect of doing 30 straight days of yoga, don't worry. The schedule alternates between flexibility sessions, breathing exercises, and other low-impact sessions. Download and print the calendar below to help you track your progress.

Get the Spring Into Yoga Challenge Plan on TrainingPeaks or Final Surge

Just like all of The Sufferfest training plans, the 30 Day Core Yoga Challenge is available to add to your training calendar in TrainingPeaks or Final Surge.

(Not sure what that means? Check out our Getting Started With TrainingPeaks and Getting Started with Final Surge articles for more information)



Your Ten Commitments

For this challenge we're asking you to do a little homework (don't worry, there's no exam at the end): Get your yoga space dialed, send us a photo of some of your poses, do a little outside reading, and join the conversation. Remember, just like your workouts, you get out of it what you put in.



Join the Conversation

We set up a Facebook group to allow participants to interact directly with Abi Carver, ask questions, get access to supplemental content, and share their progress with other Sufferlandrians. You don't have to join the group to complete the challenge, but it's a great resource for tips on how to get the most out of the exercises (or if you need some extra motivation). If you have questions or comments and don't use Facebook, you can post them in our Community Forum

Join the Yoga Challenge Facebook Group



Badges? We got your badges

More flexibility and power on the bike aren't the only things you'll get out of this challenge. Complete all of the sessions within the time allotted and you'll earn the coveted Spring Into Yoga 30 Day Challenge Badge in your passport. Just like the Tour of Sufferlandria, you have a 50-hour window in which to complete each session. As long as it's that date somewhere on earth, the session counts towards the challenge. You can also track and your progress via the Challenge Dashboard. 

View and Share Your Progress



A Note From Abi: This Is Your Challenge

"Can you commit to 15 minutes every day on that mat for 30 days, no matter what life throws at you? Even if you just watch the video and join in with the opening breathing and Final Resting Pose. Remember, these 30 days are only the beginning of your journey…” 
—Abi Carver, resident yogini of Sufferlandria and founder of

On the Fence About Yoga? Check Out What Other Sufferlandrians Are Saying

Is it just me, or is anyone else FEELING more stable and fluid on the bike. I also feel like my breathing is better controlled. It’s the best I’ve felt on the bike for some time.
—Jared (Australia)
So I was being skeptical of this yoga malarkey as when I do the poses I still don’t seem any more flexible than when I first started a few months back. However, I just got my race bike out and have had to lower the stem height by 10mm. At this rate my stem will be slammed by the end of the challenge and I’ll have to cut my steerer down!
—Peter (UK)
I find myself feeling grateful for this challenge over and over. Thank you Abi! This has been exactly what I need and from the benefits I’m experiencing already I know I will be stronger on the bike this season due to your excellent yoga sessions. Love the structure and pace of each session and truly admire how much effort you are putting into the challenge by responding to so many people and posting your very helpful articles.
—Michael (Canada)  
Questions about the 30 Day Core Yoga Challenge? Check out the Facebook Group or our Community Forum


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