Recharge. Refocus. Recommit.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere the days of long rides, hard racing, and sharp tan lines are quickly coming to a close. If you're in the southern hemisphere, you're probably coming off a long winter of Suffering in the discomfort of your Bike Torture Chamber, ready to show off your new-found fitness. If we've learned anything from Sirs Neal Henderson and Mac Cassin at APEX Coaching, it's how critical proper rest and recovery is to maximising your Return on Suffering. But fatigue isn't just physical. It takes mental focus to train consistently and stay on track. 

To help you recharge, refocus, and recommit to your training goals we're launching a 30-day Body+Mind Recharge Challenge starting September 6th.

What It Is

Join Abi Carver of, along with our resident Mental Toughness Guru, Dame Rebecca Bell, and your fellow Sufferlandrians as we complete 30 days of rejuvenating yoga sessions, core sessions, and exercises from our Mental Toughness Programme. This challenge is designed specifically to help you avoid burnout,  improve your powers of recovery, and train more effectively.

If you've been curious about the Mental Toughness Programme in the app but haven't felt ready to tackle the entire 10-week course, this is the perfect way to dip your toes in and learn some of the core techniques. The mental toughness modules included in the Mind+Body Recharge Challenge will teach you to set concrete goals, overcome obstacles, and improve your focus so you can get the most out of your training. Once the challenge is over you can unlock the full power of the Mental Toughness Programme by adding it to your training plan in TrainingPeaks or Final Surge.

How It Works

All you need to join the 30-Day Body+Mind Recharge Challenge is:

To get started, download and print the calendar below to help you track your progress.

If you want to download the complete Mental Toughness Programme workbook you can do so here.

    Get the 30-Day Body+Mind Recharge Challenge Plan on TrainingPeaks and Final Surge

    Like the rest of the 100+ training plans included with you subscription to The Sufferfest, the 30-Day Body+Mind Recharge Challenge is available to add to your training calendar in TrainingPeaks and Final Surge. You'll get daily notifications telling you what session you have on deck, and the ability to track your yoga, cycling, and other activities all in one place (not using TrainingPeaks or Final Surge? Check out our Training Plans page to get started). To add the challenge to your TrainingPeaks, click on the button for your platform of choice and apply the plan.


    You Want Badges? We Have badges

    Want something shiny for your trophy case? Complete all of the sessions within the time allotted and you'll earn the 30-Day Body+Mind Recharge Challenge Badge in your passport.

    Just like the Tour of Sufferlandria, you have a 50-hour window in which to complete each session. As long as it's that date somewhere on earth, the session counts towards the challenge. 

    You can also track your progress via the Challenge Dashboard. Click on the button below or go to and expand the menu icon in the upper left to view your dashboard.

    Get the Most Out of The Challenge. Join The Facebook Group


    We have a dedicated Facebook group for the Yoga Challenge to allow you to interact directly with Abi Carver and Dame Rebecca, ask questions, get access to supplemental content, and share your progress with other Sufferlandrians. 
    You don't have to join the group to complete the challenge, but if you want to get the most out of the experience we strongly encourage you to do so. It's a great, supportive environment where you can get advice directly from the experts and learn from the experiences of your fellow Sufferlandrians. If you haven't delved into the Mental Toughness Programme you may find it useful to help put the key techniques we'll be exploring in context. Have questions or comments and don't use Facebook? You can post them in our Community Forum

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