Customised Plans with a money-back guarantee. 

There's nothing like a training plan designed around your personal goals, needs, and life schedule. At SUF Coaching, all of our plans are tailored to your particular needs by our world-class SUF Coaching Team.


How It Works

  • Once you purchase your plan you will receive a confirmation email with a link to an in-depth questionnaire for you to complete with all your details, including goals, current 4DP, training availability and any constraints.
  • From there we will schedule a 30-minute video call with your SUF Coach. After the call, your SUF Coach will create your plan in TrainingPeaks.
  • If you choose our advanced customised coaching option, you will have a form to complete every two weeks which your SUF Coach will then refer back to for your 30-minute video call midway through your plan to make any necessary adjustments to the remainder of your plan.


We offer two plan options to suit your needs:

  • Basic Customised Plans and
  • Advanced Customised Plans.

A Basic Customised Plan is a great option if you have:

  • Specific weeks, days, or hours when you can or can’t ride.
  • Times when you can only ride indoors or outdoors.
  • Other activities or sports that impact your training.

An Advanced Customised Plan is ideal if you:

  • Want additional interaction with your coach, including fortnightly feedback forms to track your progress.
  • Want a 30-minute, mid-plan followup call with your coach to make any adjustments to the remainder of your plan.







A comprehensive online questionnaire so we can get to know you as an athlete and understand your unique training needs and goals.



A 30-minute consultation with a SUFCoach to understand what you need your plan to do and what kind of schedule will work best for you. 



Add yoga, strength training and mental toughness to your plan at no additional charge.



Delivery of a customised 12-week (16-week for Long Course Tri) training plan via TrainingPeaks within a week of the consultation. 



Opportunity to send an email after your training plan is received to clear up any questions regarding the plan



Feedback questionnaire every two weeks to help your coach review your progress.



A 30-minute mid-plan follow up call with your coach to apply any adjustments to the remainder of the plan.



A money-back guarantee. If you follow one of our customised plans as prescribed and don't see improvements in your Full Frontal results after 12 weeks (or 16 weeks , we'll give you a full refund.




12-Week Cycling $139

12-Week Multi Sport $179



12-Week Cycling $219

12-Week Multi Sport $299

16-Week Full Distance Tri $399



What You Need to Know:

  • You'll need a valid subscription to The Sufferfest as your plan will be based on workouts from the app.
  • We'll need a minimum of 10 days after you purchase your plan to deliver it to you. Keep this in mind if you're training for a specific event.
  • You'll need a free TrainingPeaks account to access your plan. If you don't have one, you can create one here.
  • We recommend having an up-to-date 4DP profile before starting your plan, as well as baseline performance metrics for swimming and running if you're doing a multisport plan. Stand-alone prep and test week plans for cycling and multisport are available free through TrainingPeaks.
  • If you are currently injured, we do not recommend a customised plan until you have received an all clear from your GP.
  • In order to insure proper training progressions while minimizing your risk of injury, please consider the minimum requirements for your respective multisport event. If you do not have the following minimums we can still help you, but we may need to extend your preparation time.
    Sprint Distance: Must be able to swim.
    Olympic Distance: Completed a sprint distance triathlon OR run 5km, ridden 20km, swim 400m in past 12months.
    Half Distance: Completed an olympic distance triathlon OR run 10km, ridden 80km, swim 1000m in past 12months.
    Full Distance: Completed a half ironman distance OR run 16km, ridden 100km, swim 1500m in past 12months.

Basic Customised Plans

Basic Multisport - $179 USD  

 Advanced Customised Plans


Meet The Coaches

Neal Henderson, Chief Science Officer of The Sufferfest™ Sports Science Division 

With over 25 years of experience coaching endurance athletes, Neal is head of The Sufferfest™ Sports Science Division and oversees all of the coaches who create our customised training plans. He served as the Director of the Sports Science Department at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine (BCSM), during which time he worked with hundreds of elite athletes to develop cutting-edge training and testing methods.

Neal is an Elite USA Triathlon and USA Cycling certified coach with numerous awards to his name, including the 2007 USA Cycling Developmental Coach of the Year, 2009 USA National Cycling Coach of the Year, and the 2011 Doc Counsilman Coach of the Year—awarded by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) for the use of science in coaching. In 2017 he was named USA Triathlon Coach of Year.

Neal has coached some of the biggest names in endurance sports and is the only coach in history to have trained an elite male and female athlete (Rohan Dennis and Evelyn Stevens) to the World Hour Record.

Under his guidance, Neal’s athletes have won multiple Grand Tour jerseys, Olympic medals, and 47 world and national championship titles—most recently Rohan Dennis' victory in the 2018 UCI ITT World Champs. Read more about Coach Neal Henderson. (Note: Neal is not available to create customised plans).


Jeff Hoobler, CSCS, KoS

Jeff Hoobler is a Cycling and Strength coach with over 25 years of experience coaching athletes of all levels, from beginners to world champions. He has a degree in Sports Psychology and Exercise Science from the University of Kansas and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He is a USAC Level 3 Cycling coach, MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) therapist, professional bike fitter, and Foundations Training Instructor.

Jeff’s passion is working with athletes to help them better understand and master the unique demands of their sport. His unique approach integrates his diverse experience, from training ProTour riders to helping master’s athletes with busy schedules compete at an elite level.

Jeff has a passion for excellence that drives him to help athletes achieve their optimal performance. A competitive athlete himself on the national and international level, Jeff understands the unique demands of balancing life and training. Jeff lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and daughter where he enjoys bike racing, cooking, reading and long rides in the mountains.


 Simon Bennett

Simon began his athletic career as an elite level swimmer in his home country of Australia. In 2008 Simon came to the U.S. as a professional cyclist and in 2009 was part of an eight-man team that broke the World Record for the fastest RAAM finish. He has been coaching full time since 2010 and is a USA Cycling and USAT Triathlon Level 1 Coach.

He has coached athletes from beginner to Olympic and World Champions and his athletes have been named to numerous Team USA World Championship and UCI World Cup rosters in both triathlon and cycling. Simon was a podium endurance coach for British Cycling during the last Olympic cycle with six of his athletes winning gold medals on the road and track. His attention to detail, focus on technique, belief in purposed training, and proactive focus on injury prevention helps bring a happy, healthy and well-prepared athlete to the start line to accomplish their goals.


Spencer Roberts, MS, KoS 

Spencer Roberts is an exercise physiologist with over 30 years of experience coaching athletes of all ages and levels. Spencer is a personal trainer with diverse expertise and excels at motivating clients to make lasting changes in their lives. Spencer is a competitive age group triathlete and duathlete and competed in the World Duathlon Championships in 1999, 2002, and 2003.

Spencer and his wife, Stephanie, live in Tucson, Arizona. They have two adult children and 5 dogs.


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