The Tour of Sufferlandria is the Greatest Grand Tour of a Mythical Nation in the world. Nine straight days of Sufferfest videos to benefit the Davis Phinney Foundation and their work to improve the lives of those affected by Parkinson's Disease.  Over the last six years the community of Sufferlandrians have raised more than $800,000 for the DPF.



You do the rides from the relative discomfort of your own home or in a group at one of our Officially Licensed Embassies.

  1. Get The Sufferfest App and subscribe. You'll need it to do the required stages. The cost is $12.99 USD/month or $99 USD/year and you can cancel at any time.
  2. Don't want to Suffer alone? Join The Tour at a Sufferlandrian Embassy near you. We have more than 160 cycling studios around the world licensed to play The Sufferfest videos and there is nothing quite like visiting Sufferlandria with a group.
  3. REGISTER: for the Tour by making at least a $10 USD donation to the Davis Phinney Foundation (link coming soon). For every $10 USD you donate, you earn one chance in our prize pool (so if you donate, say, $100, you earn 10 chances in our prize pool). Even better: Start a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to your cause. Each $10 you raise also earns you a chance to win. NOTE: If you share a link to your fundraising page on Facebook, DO NOT use the Facebook DONATE button. The Davis Phinney Foundation will get the donation, but there is not way to track the donation back to you, meaning it won't count towards your chances at the prize pool. Encourage people to donate through your fundraising page instead.
  4. Want to be a part of the community? Join the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook Page. It's the Official Race Village where challenges are made, tales of glory are shared, and prizes are lusted after. Not required, but totally worth it.
  5. Ride the video(s) for each stage of the Tour on the day specified. 

Join the Race Village


Once it's over, you will have accomplished something truly incredible. HONOR, GLORY and VICTORY will be yours.

One week after the ToS, we take all the donations and randomly select winners for the prize pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me get this right. The Tour of Sufferlandria is simply doing one or more Sufferfest videos over 9 days as listed in the Official Route?

You got it.

Is it a race?

No. It is simply you against yourself to see whether you can push yourself for 9 days. We believe you can.

Where does it take place?

In your Bike Torture Chamber, Pain Cave or whatever you call it, using The Sufferfest App. Or join a group at one of our Official Sufferlandrian Embassies.

How do I know what stages to do?

The route will be published soon. You'll also see each stage clearly marked in the app once the Tour starts.

How do I sign up?

You register by making a $10 donation to our partner charity, The Davis Phinney Foundation. For every $10 you donate, you’ll have one chance to win one of the amazing prizes (details on the prize pool coming soon).

You're raising money for what?

For the Davis Phinney Foundation, which helps people with Parkinson's lead better lives. Read all about them below.

Can I donate money, not ride any of the Tour and still be eligible for prizes?

Yep, sure can.

Can I raise funds and get other people to donate in my name and then I earn more prizes?

Yes. When you registered, you'll have been given you own personal fundraising page. Send the link to that to everybody you know and even people you don't know. Get them to support your Suffering and this awesome cause! 

NOTE: If you share a link to your fundraising page on Facebook, DO NOT use the Facebook DONATE button. The Davis Phinney Foundation will get the donation, but there is not way to track the donation back to you, meaning it won't count towards your chances at the prize pool. Encourage people to donate through your fundraising page instead.

How will you know I did all the stages?

We actually aren't fussed if you do all the stages or not. What we do care deeply about though is that you do a Tour you're proud of. That's going to mean different things to different people and only you can be your own judge. However, if you do finish all the stages in the app, you'll get a cool 2019 ToS badge in your App PassPort. AND BADGES ARE COOL.

Do I have to do the stages at 100%?

No. Unless you want to.

For stages with more than one video, do I have to do the videos back-to-back?

Yes. You wouldn’t take a break halfway through a Tour de France or Giro stage so why would you expect less of the Tour of Sufferlandria?

For back-to-back video stages, do you create one video file for that?

Yes. That will be in the app right before the Tour starts. And before you ask, yes the warm-ups and cool-downs for both videos will be included. NO SHORT CUTS, PUNK.

Do I have to do them on the exact dates? 

You actually have a 50 hour window in which to do each stage thanks to the wonder of a round planet and multiple time zones. To feel part of the Tour experience, we strongly encourage you to ride the stage during that window.

How do I get a ToS 2019 Badge in the app?

To get the badge, you have to do each stage in the app and in the 50-hour window.

Do I have to have The Sufferfest app in order to complete The ToS?


Are there donuts?

Flogging station 6 is open. Report immediately.

Why on earth do people think the Tour de France or Giro d'Italia is harder than this?

We've no idea at all.

I don't have the app so I'll just make up my own stages and do the Tour. That's cool, right?

You can do that, but then you're not doing the Tour and you're not supporting the Davis Phinney Foundation, which is really the point of this madness. 

What kind of bike do I need for this? Can I do it on rollers?

As long as you can Suffer on it, we don’t care what kind of machine you use. 


Is this the most amazing event EVER?

Until the 2020 Tour, yes it is.

I understand that Sufferlandrians are always nice and supportive. Is that true?

Yes. As Sufferlandrians, we believe in the values of PAIN, MISERY and AGONY as the path to HONOUR, GLORY and VICTORY. That path is different for everyone and we enthusiastically support anyone who chooses to go down it. We have zero-tolerance in our culture to bullying, being nasty, mean, abusive or unsupportive, denigrating anyone else's achievements or just generally being a jerk. If we see any of this, we will delete and ban without warning or questions.

I can't do the Tour when it's scheduled. Can I ride it early and donate now?

Sure. However, if you ride it early, please do not post daily updates in the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook group. It just confuses everyone in the race village. You're welcome to post an end-of-your-Tour summary, though. If you donate early, you'll still be in prize pool and we'll draw that once the Tour is over.

Can I post graphs of the data from my rides in the Tour of Sufferlandria Facebook group?

We far prefer that you post pictures of you Suffering. We're all doing the stages, we all know the route profiles and we all know how the data looks. We're already proud of you for doing the stage and we really don't want to see your data. But if you really insist on boring everyone to tears, then go ahead and post your graphs BUT YOU MUST: 

  1. Make your post funny
  2. Donate an additional $10 to the Davis Phinney Foundation

I guess I'm going to get hungry? What do I eat?

Check out our nutrition advice for getting through the Tour. 

Our Charitable Partners: Why We Suffer

The Davis Phinney Foundation is committed to supporting programs and research that deliver inspiration, information and tools that will enable people living with Parkinson’s to take more control in managing their disease. The DPF was founded in 2004 by Olympic medalist and cycling great, Davis Phinney, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2000 at the age of 40.

Our Tour Patrons: About Davis and Connie Phinney

Davis Phinney is one of our heroes from the 80s. He was a professional cyclist with an impressive palmares who won (among many other things) two stages of the Tour de France. His wife, Connie Carpenter, was the 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist in the first Women’s Road Race and a World Champion on the track. Davis, who has Parkinson’s disease, set up the Davis Phinney Foundation to help people with Parkinson’s live better lives now. Davis and Connie are our ToS 2018 Race Patrons. Their son is Taylor Phinney of the Cannondale-Drapac Pro Cycling Team. 

Listen to The Sufferfest Podcast: Everybody Hurts with Davis Phinney and Connie Carpenter-Phinney


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