Join the more than 160 studios and gyms around the world who use The Sufferfest to provide their members with the most exciting, immersive, and results-oriented indoor cycling experience available. 



Becoming a Sufferlandrian Embassy is quick, easy, and affordable. We give you everything you need to create a successful, addictive indoor cycling programme that will kick asses and fill classes.  

What You Get

  • A complete library of structured workout videos designed by elite coaches and sports scientists. Suitable for members of all levels, from fitness enthusiasts to serious cyclists and triathletes.
  • Flexibility to run instructor-led or virtual classes so you can maximise the use of your facility and improve profitability.
  • Instructor manuals and detailed instructions on how to lead every workout.
  • Option to add The Sufferfest Yoga for Cyclists series of 20 videos.
  • Access to The Sufferfest / APEX Coaching training plans so your members can Suffer with a purpose.
  • Unparalleled marketing, PR, and technical support.
  • Exclusively-licensed footage of the world’s biggest races, engaging storylines, and killer soundtracks that put your members in the middle of the action. Soundtrack-free versions also available so you can add your own music.
  • Seamless integration with third-party fitness platforms like MYZONE®, Spivi™, Fitness On Demand™, Wexer, Power Cycling SE, and more. 



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Everything You Need to Transform Your Studio


Extensive Library of Video Workouts with New Titles Added Regularly.

As a Sufferlandrian Embassy, you get the entire library of 40 Sufferfest workout videos. With a huge selection, you’ll be able to provide your members sessions to fit their needs, from climbing to sprinting, fat-burning endurance sessions to those that help them build explosive power. If they need a recovery session or don’t feel up to a full dose of suffering, there are also moderate-intensity workouts that help improve form, efficiency, and technique. Workouts cover 9 categories, including:

  • Base
  • Climbing
  • Drills
  • Endurance
  • Fitness Testing
  • Race Simulation
  • Speed
  • Style 
  • Time Trial

You can download them directly or request a hard drive loaded with all of the videos to be delivered directly to your studio for an additional fee. Most videos are available with or without music, allowing you the option to use your own playlist if you prefer.

Detailed Class Profiles

The better prepared your instructors, the better the experience for your members. We create detailed instructor guides for each of our workouts. Available in printable and tablet-friendly formats, they provide all of the information you need to make every class a success, including timestamps telling you when the efforts are going to change, effort and cadence targets for each section, and instructor cues to help keep your members engaged and focused on getting the most out of their workout.

World-Class Marketing Support 

The Sufferfest has a global fanbase of engaged, loyal Sufferlandrians. When you tell the world that you’re a Sufferlandrian Embassy, you instantly become part of that community. We’ll provide you with comprehensive branding assets that you can use to market your Sufferfest classes. From flags to decals, press release templates to email ideas, we’ll have you ready to build a Sufferlandrian community in your facility.


Events That Fill Classes and Kick Asses

Nothing generates buzz like special events. Whether it’s our annual nine-day Tour of Sufferlandria, Sufferlandrian National Day, world premieres of new videos, or our marathon Knighthood Challenge, we have a full calendar of events that will draw members in and get them excited to Suffer.

Unparalleled Service and Community

We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service in the fitness industry. We’ll help you every step of the way to get The Sufferfest up and running in your facility. You’ll join our exclusive Facebook group of owners and instructors around the world who use The Sufferfest to take their businesses to the next level. Share, learn, and be the first to hear about the latest developments in indoor cycling.

Global Reputation for Excellence

The Sufferfest knows cycling. Through our partnerships with cycling’s governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and APEX Coaching, we help train some of the fastest cyclists in the world. We work closely with industry leaders like IMG—the world’s largest sports marketing company—and the ASO, organisers of the Tour de France to bring you exclusive content. Our passion for fitness drives us to continually develop innovative, exciting products that will help set your studio apart.


Week 2 of the programme and a full house! The demand for The Sufferfest is incredible. What a great ride…our clients love it!
Kathy Brodeur
Climaxx Cycling Studio
The Sufferfest blends the perfect amount of motivation, guidance, and entertainment to give riders of all levels the ability to challenge themselves and improve their fitness and performance. We use The Sufferfest videos to help our participants reach their goals by working hard and having fun all at once.
Neal Henderson
Apex Coaching & Consulting, Rallysport Cycling Studio

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an instructor? How do my classes know what to do? 

Yes and no. Sufferfest classes are absolutely incredible when led by an Instructor. Because the video already has the instructions and workout built-in, the Instructor is more free to walk around the class to coach and motivate riders – this creates more Instructor/rider engagement. With our detailed ride profiles, Instructors will also know exactly what to tell the class and when.

Of course, our videos are also completely engaging on their own – and for experienced indoor cyclists an Instructor is not necessary. With this in mind, you can offer Sufferfest classes at your studio at times when you might not normally be able to because of lack of Instructor availability. You can even offer them ‘on-demand’ if you so wish.


What Equipment Do I Need?

At the very least, you’ll just need a good sound system, projector and a wall to project the videos on to. You’ll also need a room you can make dark. For the best experience, we recommend investing in a very good projector (check with the team who set up your A/V system for advice) and screen to really create an environment that blows your class away.


We're a Cycling Club / Bike Shop and Want to Use Your Videos in a Group Setting. Do We Need a License?

Yes. Our individual videos are not permitted for use in ANY group settings.


How Long Does it Take to Get Set Up? 

We can have you up and running in 24 hours. As soon as you sign our contract and pay your first month subscription, you’ll be able to download the videos immediately. We’ll email you our digital graphics and then put the printed posters, decals and flag in the post to you (which will take about 10 days to get to you if you are outside of Australia).


How Do I Get the Videos? Are They Streaming? 

Streaming simply isn’t reliable enough when you’ve got a class fully engaged in a workout – nothing could be worse than having the video stall or stutter! So we provide you with downloads you can store and play on your studio computer.


Is a Subscription my Only Option? What Does it Cost? 

Yes – we only provide this package as part of a subscription, which has a very low monthly or discounted annual fee (and no up-front charges). The cost per year is less than a single indoor bike. Just email and we’ll send you all the details.


What Bike Do the Videos Work With? Do We Need Power-Based Bikes? 

Our videos are not connected to your bikes, so you can use whatever you like – whether that’s a traditional spin bike, turbo trainers, or Wattbikes. As long as you can adjust resistance, you’re good to go as our videos tell your students how hard to work on a 1 to 10 scale of ‘Recommended Perceived Exertion (RPE).’ Of course, if you’re a power-based studio, then all the better – you can use our Rubber Glove fitness test video (included in the collection) to test power thresholds with your classes and we provide a worksheet your students can use to map their zones across our RPE scale.


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