The Sports Science of 4DP®

World-class coaches developing cutting-edge training tools

Four-Dimensional Power® was developed in conjunction with world-renown sports scientist and coach to the pros, Neal Henderson. Having coached athletes to over 45 world championships, numerous Olympic medals, Grand Tour stage wins, and two world records, coach Neal Henderson knows that FTP-based workouts aren't enough if you want to train effectively.

The Sufferfest™ uses the same fitness assessment and power target algorithm Neal uses with his professional athletes to create the most effective training platform available.

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What is Four-Dimensional Power®?

The Sufferfest™ is the only training app that utilizes your full power profile to personalize workouts based on what kind of rider you truly are. Other apps using FTP alone are simply guessing.


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Personalized Power Targets to Match Your Unique Profile

What makes training with Four-Dimensional Power® so effective? Unparalleled personalization grounded in cutting-edge sports science. The Sufferfest™ app will tailor the power targets in all of your workouts to match your unique 4DP® profile. You’ll work at the exact intensity necessary to get stronger and faster, without wasting a single pedal stroke. Have more questions about 4DP®? The answers are here.

Find Out Who You Really Are

4DP®  also tells us what kind of rider you are. Based upon your fitness test results, The Sufferfest™ will assign you one of six Rider Types, allowing you to better focus your training. Learn more about Rider Types.

The Sufferfest™ app will also recommend specific workouts to both develop your strengths and address your weaknesses. No other cycling training app can do that.


Platform NMP (Neuromuscular) AC (Anaerobic) MAP (Maximal aerobic) Functional Threshold
Other training programs
NMP (Neuromuscular)
AC (Anaerobic)
MAP (Maximal aerobic)
FTP (Functional threshold)

Only From The Sufferfest™

Only The Sufferfest™ gives you this kind of individually-optimized training. Take your fitness to a new dimension with Four-Dimensional Power®.

I've done loads of fitness tests before, but none like this. 4DP® was the first time an indoor test matched what I did in a lab based environment. Simply awesome!
—Ronan O. (UK)



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