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Two hours on the trainer. WHO THE HELL WANTS TO SPEND THAT MUCH TIME ON THE TRAINER? Nobody. But if you’re training seriously and need to be indoors, then you have to put in longer sessions to ensure you’ve got the endurance to go the distance. It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (ISLAGIATT) is here for you and you’ll never be bored on the turbo trainer again.

Featuring four major climbs over the course of two hours, it’s the story of your quest to capture the Giro d’Italia’s Most Aggressive Rider award. With stunning footage, a killer indie/electronic soundtrack and more attacks than you can shake a shredded chamois at, this is one of our most popular videos.


The man behind Blender and Violator, Neal Henderson of Apex Coaching, and trainer of world-class cyclists at the highest levels, designed this workout. It’s an incredibly well-balanced session that gives you plenty of time at and just below threshold, with countless digs well above it and enough recovery time to ensure you can get through the entire two hours. You’ll go through moments of glory and moments of doubt, but you’ll come out of it incredibly proud of yourself for finishing this session.


  • Warm-up: 15:00
  • 1st climb: 15:00
  • Recovery: 3:00
  • 2nd climb: 20:00
  • Recovery: 5:00
  • 3rd climb (Mt. Sufferlandria): 20:00
  • Recovery: 7:00
  • 4th climb: 8:00
  • Recovery: 2:30
  • Flat, fast run-in to finish: 7:30
  • Cool-down: 4:00


A mix of indie and electronic, with a bit of funk/jazz thrown in there to round things out.

  • Vanishers — Palaces
  • Glimmer of Gold — Polaris at Noon
  • The Ruckuz (Dub Mix) — Legno Feat. Knixx
  • Let it Go — You I Need
  • Ume — Emerald Park
  • Don’t Run Away — Kill the Alarm
  • At the Mall — Emerald Park
  • Edge of Mirror (Allex Remix) — Edge of Mirror
  • Run, Run — We are Rockstars
  • Water’s Edge — Jason Boyd
  • Too Hot (Hotter Remix) — Thyron!x
  • I don’t Want To –  J. Zohar
  • Solfge — K Theory
  • Through Her Eyes (Pimo Remix) — Blue Veiner
  • Super Jam — Soundtrap
  • Man of Two Worlds (Original Mix)  — Bibhas
  • Saturday Night Hipster — Justin Crosby
  • Glide Pasticcio — Rubberheadz
  • Can’t Wait — Phrenik
  • Jucy Lucy (Five Finger Discount Remix) Legno + Look Like
  • Stories Yet to Come — Silence is Sexy
  • Misfit Night — The Young Werewolves
  • Honey Bear — The Jaded
  • What is this thing? (Dave Miller Mix) — Maison Dame
  • Circles (Stiletto Remix) — Phrenik
  • Target Practice — Lehtmo Joe
  • Mulga Bill — Barry Crocker
  • Better Place — Ben Knighten

ISLAGIATT is available exclusively on The Sufferfest App. Get the app here >>>

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