Tough is a State of Mind: How One Sufferlandrian Found the Power of Mental Training

Elite athletes know the importance of mental toughness. The ability to dig deep, to push past the pain, and to silence self-doubt is what separates champions from pack fodder. But mental training isn't just for those chasing an Olympic medal or the yellow jersey.

Since we released our Mental Training Programme last year, thousands of Sufferlandrians of all fitness levels have been transformed by the simple techniques to help build the four habits of the mentally tough:

  1. Goal Setting
  2. Positive Thinking
  3. Reflecting
  4. Strong Focus

All of their stories are inspiring, but a few stand out. Sufferlandrian Kristy Rollinson was kind enough to share her experience. We'll let Kristy take it from here:

"Seven years ago, as a single mum, I watched on as a family friend lost her battle with lung cancer. She was a world master's track cyclist, and not much older than I was at the time. My brother and my father were both her training partners.

Watching her fight made me realise that life was too short to be a spectator, so I went down to the local track training session and had a go. I was hooked immediately.

Fast forward to two years ago. My partner walked out on me and our four kids, leaving us all devastated. My bike was my solace and proving I didn’t need him to chase my dreams was my goal.

Training to ride the state masters track championships was a constant juggle. I never had enough time to get out and do what I needed to do. Until I found The Sufferfest.

I found the courage to go into the local bike shop (which my ex owned) to get myself set up with everything I needed to get connected. It’s been easy(er) ever since.

I never had enough time to get out and do what I needed to do. Until I found The Sufferfest.


The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme group on Facebook popped up late last year as a perfectly timed lead-in for the championships I was training for. I worked through the sessions and was amazed at how focused I became. My goal—my personal Mount Sufferlandria I had been putting off for 5 years—became achievable because I had the guidance and support to put the plan into action.

Admittedly, I didn’t exactly stand at the summit of my Mount Sufferlandria when the time came. I actually toppled out of the start gate and broke my arm, but I achieved far more than I could have without the Mental Training Programme. In my eyes I reached base camp and got to acclimatise for the next attack on the summit.

A couple of days ago I lost my way, but thanks to the way the Mental Training Programme and The Sufferfest gets into your psyche I have managed to get my head sorted and am back on the right track again. The 2019 Masters Champs are in my sights.

I’m a goal-driven person but hopelessly disorganised when it comes to committing to a plan. The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme has given me the tools I need to overcome those weaknesses. I use it in my daily life. I’ve moved from being a "gunna do it" person to a "doing it" person with the support of The Sufferfest and everyone in the Mental Training Programme Facebook group."


See what The Sufferfest Mental Training Programme can do for you. Start your 7-day free trial now.





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