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In these times of social distancing and isolation it's challenging to know how to improve your fitness while protecting your physical and mental health. Our world-class Sports Science Team brought their decades of experience to bear on tackling this problem so we could offer the Sufferlandrian community something truly useful in these challenging times.

The result: Our ALL IN training plans. These 4-week plans are designed specifically for athletes who can't train outdoors or use gym/pool facilities. They place less stress on your immune system while leveraging cross-training and mental toughness sessions to improve full-body strength and help you develop new skills. You'll come out of these plans as a stronger, more well-rounded athletes. And you can try them for free.

For a limited time, use code ALLINSUFAUS when you create your account to get 30 days free in addition to the standard 14-day free trial.


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There are four types of ALL IN plans:  

  1. Cycling
  2. Multisport
  3. Yoga & Strength only
  4. Yoga Badge Collector



The ALL IN cycling plans are built around Sufferfest cycling workouts with additional yoga, strength and mental toughness sessions. You can tailor the number of cycling sessions per week as well as the level of strength training.


These plans are built around running and cycling workouts in The Sufferfest app, with yoga, strength and mental toughness sessions. You can tailor the plans depending upon the equipment or facilities you have access to:

  1. No pool access but the ability to run on a treadmill or run outside.
  2. No pool access and no ability to run inside or outside.

To further address the lack of access to a pool, ALL IN multisport plans incorporate new strength training sessions developed by our sports scientists to maintain upper body strength so you don't lose your edge once you're back in the water.

For those of you you can't run, there are ALL IN plans that include extra strength training sessions to help you keep your running form. All of the multisport plans allow you to tailor the volume and the level of strength training to match your schedule and goals.


Yoga and Strength Only

The Yoga and Strength plans are for those of you who want to stick to your own cycling routine but want to get in some cross training that will help you improve your performance on the bike and work on your mental toughness. You can tailor the number of strength sessions per week to fit the time you have to train.


Yoga Badge Collector

Ready to fill your trophy case? These plans include all of the yoga sessions necessary to earn the 9 yoga badges in your Passport. Depending on the badge, it could take between 2 and 30 days to complete all of the sessions. New to yoga? Namaste calm. These plans start easy and gradually progress in difficulty so you can work your way towards that Crow Pose.



How to Select and Apply the Plans

  1. If you're a new subscriber, create your account to start your 14-day free trial.
  2. Go to Manage Account and select the monthly option.
  3. Enter code ALLINSUFAUS to get 30 days free in addition to the standard free trial. (Need help applying the code? Check out this help article.)
  4. Like all of our training plans, you can select and apply the ALL IN plans to your calendar by going to the Training Plans tab in the app.
  5. Expand the 'All In' section of the training plan library to see the plans. Click on the plan category you want, then use the dropdown menus to customise your plan. Set the start date and you're ready to go all in. For detailed information on applying plans, check out these tutorial videos for desktop and iOS
  6. Questions? Check out the Help Center or email 


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