In-App Training Plans and Calendar FAQ

Our new in-app training plans give you the convenience of choosing and managing our complete library of 4DP-optimised plans without leaving The Sufferfest app. You can even launch workouts directly from the calendar. How good is that?

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With all of this new functionality, you probably have questions. Luckily, we have answers.

Our Help Centre has all the information you need to get started with in-app training plans, including:


In addition to the Help Centre, you can find answers to the most common training plan questions below. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I change the date of a plan once it’s applied?

A: If you need to shift your plan, you need to delete it and reapply it, choosing a different start or end date. For detailed instructions on how to delete a plan, check out this article

Q. Can I still use The Sufferfest training plans on Final Surge or TrainingPeaks?

A: While The Sufferfest training plans are still available on Final Surge and TrainingPeaks, we won't be maintaining them going forward. That means new workout releases won't be added, and any new plans won't be available outside of The Sufferfest app. However, you can still connect your Sufferfest account to TrainingPeaks and Final Surge, instantly share your completed Sufferfest activities to those platforms, and use their analytics.

Q: I don't see the ability to choose a plan that targets specific weaknesses (Sprinting, Sustained Efforts, Repeated Efforts, VO2 Efforts) like with the plans on TrainingPeaks and Final Surge. What's up?

A: All of the plans that you can apply to your calendar are personalised to your 4DP profile and designed to help you achieve a specific goal or target outcome. The old structure of categorizing plans by primary weakness was a limitation of using third-party training plan providers and unfortunately caused people to choose a plan that wasn't compatible with their physiology and goals. How you get to your goal depends upon your starting point, which is your unique physiology. Two people with the same goal but a different weakness need different plans.  The current in-app plans take your strengths, weakness, and goals into account and adjust the workout schedule accordingly. To prevent someone from choosing an incompatible plan, you can only apply a training plan that is tailored to your 4DP. 

Q: Why don’t some plans have strength training options?

A: Because of the additional training load, only certain plans are designed to accommodate strength training. These include the indoor-only All-Purpose Road Plans, the Multisport Plans, XC MTB Plans, and CX Plans. Strength-optimised versions of the other plans will be added in the near future.

Q: Why is the intensity adjusted on some workouts?

A: To tailor the fitness outcomes and training stimulus, most plans require that you do some of your workouts at a different intensity. This may be a reduction in the overall intensity or adjustments to the individual 4DP metrics. To make sure you're getting the intended benefit from a session, the intensity is adjusted for you. All you need to do is press play from the workout details screen to launch the workout player with the workout at the correct intensity.

Q: Can you apply a plan to start on a date in the past?

A: Because each week in a training plan is meant to build on the previous weeks, we don't recommend starting mid-plan. As a result, you won't be able to choose a start date that is in the past. If you've already started a plan in TrainingPeaks or Final Surge and want to continue it as an in-app training plan, you can select the same finish date as the plan that's in progress.

Q: What do the different colors of the activities in the calendar mean?

A: The color of the activity blocks tells you the status of the activity. Light grey is for past planned activites that weren't completed, dark grey is for unplanned and completed, green is for planned and completed, and orange is for planned but only partially-completed.

Q: How do I follow the run or swim workouts in the multisport plans?

A: Check out the Help Centre for instructions on how to follow the swim workouts and run workouts.

Q: Can I export outdoor workouts to my cycling computer?

A: This initial release of in-app training plans doesn't allow you to export outdoor rides to your cycling computer. We plan on adding this functionality soon. 

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