Get Ready for the Indoor Training Season with the SUF Transition Plans

Back when jerseys were wool and shifters were on the downtube, winter was traditionally the time for base miles: hours and hours of low-intensity riding that was supposed to build a foundation for higher intensity training later on.

But unless you have 20+ hours a week to ride, the most effective way to get faster is by incorporating some high-intensity work into your winter training (related: "Why You Don't Need to Do 'Base Training'")

Whether you're coming off a grueling outdoor season or just getting back on the bike after a long hiatus, we have a plan to get you primed for the indoor training season. Introducing the SUF Transition Plans.




Recover, Reset, Refocus, Recharge

Developed by the elite coaches at the Wahoo Sports Science Team, the 6-week Transition training plans for cycling and multisport integrate yoga sessions designed specifically to improve on-bike performance, full-body strength and mobility sessions, and targeted cycling workouts to help you recover, reset, refocus and recharge in preparation for the next phase of your training.

We know that with most races and mass-start events canceled this past year, the outdoor season has been less than normal for many of you. That's why our coaches designed two versions of the Transition plans: Transition Up and Transition Down. Whichever plan you choose, the end result is the same: getting you ready to crush the indoor season.


Transition Up


  • Designed for athletes coming off a period of little or no activity who are ready to get back into structured indoor training.
  • Primary focus is to give athletes a progressive and sensible approach to ramping up training loads while keeping the training volume relatively low.
  • On bike sessions progress from lower intensity in the early part of the plan to higher intensity, with a significant focus on pedaling efficiency and neuromuscular development.
  • Off-bike sessions follow a progression from gentle mobility and stability sessions into functional strength work designed to improve body mechanics, pedaling efficiency, and help athletes stay comfortable even after long hours in the saddle.
  • The plan finishes with the 4DP® Full Frontal fitness test that will have you ready to kick off a full 12-week training plan.


Transition Down


  • Designed for athletes transitioning from a high-volume, high-intensity training block or those coming off of a demanding season of riding or racing.
  • The primary focus is to signal the beginning of a recovery phase by increasing parasympathetic nervous system activity, which encourages tissue regeneration and repair
  • Off-bike sessions highlight a gradual progression from gentle mobility to stability to strength
  • Bike sessions progress from lower intensity to more focused drill and neuromuscular sessions
  • The plan takes a structured approach to recovery and readiness for more focused training.


Get Started



Get Advice from the SUF Coaches and Yoga Expert Abi Carver


One of the things that makes SUF unique is that you can get advice and answers to all of your training questions directly from the experts who design our workouts and training plans.

November 1st through December 16th, coaches Neal Henderson, Jeff Hoobler (our strength and conditioning coach) and SUF yoga partner Abi Carver of will be in the SUForum answering your questions, providing training tips, and helping you get the most out of the Transition plans. 

We'll also be hosting a live Q&A event with Abi and Coach Neal at 6pm GMT on December 10, 2020. Stay tuned for more details!


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