How We Helped GCN's Dan Lloyd Get Fit in Just 4 Hours a Week....And How We Can Help You.

Dan Lloyd had been spending some quality time in Couchlandria.  In 2018 the former Cervelo Test Team rider and GCN presenter logged more kilograms than kilometers and pounded more pilsners than pedals.

Dan woke up New Year's Day, 2019, with a killer hangover and more than a few regrets about the deterioration of his once-formidable fitness. He knew he had to make a change. That's when we stepped in.



To get Dan from zero to hero we called in the big gun: Sir Neal Henderson. He's coached his athletes to 47 world championship titles, works with elite athletes like Rohan Dennis and Kasia Niewiadoma and is the evil genius behind our workouts and training plans.

But was this Neal's biggest challenge? Like most of us, Dan has a life and with that, constraints:

  • He could only train four days a week.
  • He only had five hours a week to train: four cycling and one cross training.
  • He wanted a 10-week plan so he could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How much fitness can someone gain in 10 short weeks of only four hours on the bike and a little cross-training? Here's where Dan started:

...Ten Weeks Later

After ten weeks of training just four hours a week on the bike, with a little yoga, strength training and mental toughness thrown in, Dan and Neal reconvened in March at the GCN Mallorca event. Just how fit did Dan get? Watch as Lloydy exposes himself to Full Frontal in front of an audience of cheering fans (and one very proud Neal Henderson).

What About the Rest of You?

Hundreds of cyclists joined Dan on his ten-week journey to get fit on our low-volume approach. We asked them to share the results and honestly we were pretty surprised.

Average Improvements:

NM - Neuromuscular Power (5-second)
AC - Anaerobic Capacity (1-minute)
MAP - Maximal Aerobic Power (5-minute)
FTP - Functional Threshold Power (20-minute)


Not only did the group see huge improvements across the board, but 97% of respondents said that 4DP-optimised workouts were more effective than simple FTP-based sessions. The other 3%? They weren't paying attention.

Do Dan's Plan

Curious to see just how much you can improve using Dan's plan? Now you can.

Here's how it works:

    • If you haven't already, download The Sufferfest app for iOS, macOS or Windows and create your account. You'll need a subscription to do the workouts in the plan. It's free for 14 days so you can try it out first. 
    • You'll need to do the Full Frontal fitness test and get your 4DP as soon as you can. We recommend doing the 7-day Peak Full Frontal Prep Plan to get ready. You can find it under the Special Focus section of the training plans tab in The Sufferfest app.


    Here's the Plan.


    Once you've subscribed to The Sufferfest app, you can download the plan as a PDF here or load it into your calendar in The Sufferfest app by:

    1. Clicking on the Plans tab in the app.
    2. Expanding the Road category by clicking on the down arrow.
    3. Choosing the Fitness Kick-Starter plan.
    Need help choosing and applying your plan? Check out the FAQ.




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