The Horse

The Downward Spiral features a horse. You will grow to hate the horse, because you know what the horse means. You will grow to love...

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Four stars on!

David over at Road.CC put himself through the Downward Spiral and gave it a much-sought-after four out of five star rating! He also gave it...

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What will they cost?

Right. Finally. You've all been wondering, and I've finally decided. After lots of math (which we hate here at Sufferfest Studios) and red and black...

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Why am I doing this?

So, in a couple of days, the first Sufferfest of 2009 comes out. The Downward Spiral, even though it’s only 60 minutes long, has been...

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Game on.

I love the guys at ASO. I came to them with a totally bizzare request (at least from their point of view) to license me...

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Website of the week!

Thanks to the folks over at IM Talk for voting The Sufferfest as their "Website of the Week!" I love making triathletes suffer : -...

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