We've been Ode'ed!

Just got an email with this  'Ode to the Sufferfest' by Sufferlandrian Poet Nancy Summers. Thought we'd share it with you! "Ode to Sufferfest Yes,...

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Rock stars and the 'fest.

Not only is he the guitarist for killer band Pendulum, but he's also a Sufferlandrian. Cycling Plus interviews Peredur ap Gwynedd about Rock n' Rouleur...and...

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Sufferlandrian Dave Burns thought that, while our stickers were a good idea, he would go one step further to show just how deeply his Sufferlandrian...

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Sufferlandrian Success!

Reece Robinson from Hunter District Cycling Team (sponsored by The Sufferfest) suffered to win the silver in the U19 107.4 kilo NSW, Australia championships. HAIL...

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We get mail.

A couple of Sufferlandrians were kind enough to stop flogging themselves for a few minutes and write in with some feedback on the vids. Thought...

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Girls, girls, girls.

Our newest video, Hell Hath No Fury, will be out in mid-November. All of the footage is from this year's Women's UCI World Cup, and...

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A Sufferlandrian rides

Got this great photo from a Sufferlandrian named Denley Drummond. He was doing a race - the 24 Hours of Adrenalin - in Alberta, Canada...

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In Sufferlandria

We recently asked our followers on Twitter (!/thesufferfest) and Facebook ( if they've ever been to Sufferlandria and if they could tell us a little...

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It's not so much an acronym as a lifestyle. A statement about just how hard you can push yourself. It's a little bit sick. And...

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Faster Downloads

The Sufferfest files are very large, and if you've got a slow connection, it can take even a few hours to download! A Sufferfester sent...

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Let the Hunt begin

This isn't the way it was supposed to come out. Before I started, I had a few ideas in mind about how this video would...

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