Show Me The Way Out!

The forces of Couchlandria are strong and not to be underestimated. Just because they can't be bothered to do much of anything (except contemplate their...

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Meet The Sufferfest Team

As Sufferlandrians, we all understand the innate need to Suffer. Some, however, feel the call of our Nation more strongly than others and, in particular,...

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The recipe is simple. Pain, misery and agony leads to honour, glory and VICTORY. That's why the world's best coaches have their athletes continue to ride...

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Fundraise For a Good Cause

here's our handy guide to fundraising for the Davis Phinney Foundation It's the Tour. You've SUFFERED. You've donated. You've backed a good cause as far as...

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Understanding Virtual Watts

  Using Virtual Watts can help you train at the right efforts during your workouts and—with hard work and a smart approach—improve your power and fitness...

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LIZ JOHNS: DISCOVERING THE INNER SUFFERLANDRIAN Meet Dame Liz, the first woman to ever complete a Knighthood. Such an accomplishment may lead you to think...

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#SUFSTORIES - Josh Martin

JOSH MARTIN: FATHER, HUSBAND, WEEKEND WARRIOR Australian executive Josh Martin, 35, is a poster child for how transformative the Sufferlandrian ethos of IWBMATTKYT can be....

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#SUFSTORIES - John Stachlewicz

JOHN STACHLEWICZ: TRANSFORMED THROUGH SUFFERING If you open the English-Sufferlandrian dictionary and look for the translation of “to lose”, you’re going to be disappointed. Nothing. A...

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Darkside Towns

There are Darksiders everywhere. Here is the full list of towns where Darksiders reside. If you see your town here, there are two things you...

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