Yoga for Newbies: New Beginner Yoga Sessions Available Now.

The 30-Day Power Up Yoga Challenge is in the books. Congratulations to everyone who participated. Even if you didn't nail every session, that's fine. It's not about earning the badge (though kudos if you did), it's about getting into the habit of incorporating yoga into your training to get stronger, recover faster, improve flexibility and avoid injury. 

If you haven't dipped your toes into our Yoga for Cyclists Programme and didn't feel ready for the Power Up Challenge, we have just the thing.

Available now in the app are 5 new yoga videos, four of them designed specifically for those who have never hit the mat and don't know their Downward Dog from their Tree Pose.

They're also great for more experienced yogis who want to get back to basics and really dial in some of the foundational moves. All of them are around 15 minutes long, making it to incorporate yoga into even the busiest schedule. 


Total Newbie Yoga

Yoga-curious but don't know where to start? This is where you start. This easy, basic routine will introduce you to some foundational moves while giving you a little stretch and light strength work at the same time. Think of it as the gateway drug to bringing Yoga for Cyclists into your life.


Basic Yoga Poses

Throughout our Yoga for Cyclists programme there are several basic, foundational moves that form the core of our routines. This session takes you through those moves in detail so you can master them and their more difficult derivatives.


Super Easy Stretch Routine I

Are you looking for a simple stretching routine you can do on a regular basis? New to Yoga? This gentle session—designed for yoga beginners—will get you on the road to a more flexible you. C'mon, you've said for years you'd start stretching. Now's your chance.


Super Easy Stretch Routine II

If you want to establish a stretching habit (and who doesn't?), then you need a simple, regular routine you can follow. This session is it. If you mix it up with Super Easy Stretch Routine I, you have a nice combination of sessions that will help you improve your flexibility and the way you feel, both on and off the bike.


Want a New Challenge? Try 'Bomb Your Quads'


In addition to the four newbie sessions we're also dropping a new routine for those of you who already have some experience with yoga. Looking for a session which builds leg strength while also improving stability and flexibility? This intermediate routine is for you. Best followed up by an easy recovery spin or cadence builds. Bombs away!



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