Why We're Changing Our Prices

On November 1st we'll be changing the price of our monthly subscription to US$12.99 a month. Annual subscriptions will continue to be $99 a year, making the annual plan an even better value.

Here's why we're making the change:

The Sufferfest App: Then and Now

When we first launched The Sufferfest app on January 6, 2016, it represented a big step forward from our humble beginnings providing downloadable training videos. Now you could connect your devices, analyse your data, and share your Suffering with the world. 

Since that time we've continued to add groundbreaking, innovative content and features to make The Sufferfest the single most effective, comprehensive training platform available while keeping the pricing structure the same. Compared to what was included when we first launched the app, the current version of The Sufferfest Training System is an incredible value at $12.99 a month.


$10 / month or $99 / year

  • Streaming or offline access to 37 videos.
  • 10 PDF-based training plans.


$12.99 / month or $99 / year

  • 54 structured cycling, running, and tri videos.
  • 30 yoga for cyclists videos.
  • 10-week Mental Toughness Programme
  • The most effective workouts available, powered by 4DP™.
  • Our advanced Full Frontal fitness test, giving you unprecedented insight into who you are as a cyclist, including your Rider Type, strengths, and primary weakness. No other app can do that.
  • Over 100 digital training plans for road, cx, tri and xc mtb, including plans tailored to your 4DP profile to develop your strengths, improve your weakness, and make you the most complete cyclist possible.
  • Cutting-edge sports science developed by one of the world's best coaches: Neal Henderson.
  • Support for a full range of trainers and fitness devices on both ANT+ and BLTE.
  • Integration with the KICKR CLIMB.
  • And we’re just getting started….

Strength Training: Coming November 1 to The Sufferfest App

On November 1st we'll be launching a comprehensive Strength Training Programme that integrates with our 4DP-optimised training plans. This programme will help you develop power, improve endurance, and turbo-charge your fitness on the bike.


Coming in December: A Brand New App 

In December we'll be launching a completely re-designed and updated version of The Sufferfest Training System, featuring a new look, easier navigation and a bunch of new content, including:

NoVid Workouts

A library of 25 workouts created by APEX Coaching that don't have an associated video. Just fire up a workout, put your head down, and get it done.

4DP-optimised workout graphs

See exactly which 4DP metric a given interval is targeting. 

A fully-customisable workout experience

All of the music, sound effects, and performance targets will be dynamically generated in realtime by the app, allowing you to toggle them on or off whenever you like. Play your own soundtrack or hide your performance metrics and re-live the good old days of RPE.

This price change will allow us to continue to develop advanced training tools based on cutting-edge sports science that will help you become the most complete cyclist possible. You're the reason we do what we do. You and the community of Sufferlandrians make The Sufferfest what it is, and we know you're going to love (to hate) what we have in store. Thanks for coming along for the ride. 

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