When It Trains, It Roars: Comprehensive Training Plans Now Included with App Subscription

Contrary to what you might think after, say, slogging through the pukefest that is "The Omnium", the Minions pulling the levers here at the Fortress of Suffertude aren't just unrepentant sadists. Ok, they are unrepentant, but they're not *just* sadists.

Every agonizing interval, every foray into the outer limits of human endurance is focused on a singular purpose: making you stronger. It's not just about the Suffering (forgive me, Grunter), it's about getting the most benefit out of a limited amount of training.

Maximum 'Return on Suffering' for the limited amount of time you have to train. And our videos are designed to do just that. That's why we work with some of the brightest minds in coaching and sports science. But in order to be the most effective, the workouts need some structure. You can't clip in and punish yourself with 117 minutes of ISLAGIATT day in and day out at 110% intensity for two weeks straight and expect to 1) have any semblance of sanity left, or 2) not be completely shattered and useless. The point is not just to Suffer, but to Suffer with a purpose.


In our ongoing quest to give you all of the tools you need to crush the competition and leave a trail of shredded chamois in your wake,  subscribers to The Sufferfest Training Centre App now have free, exclusive access to a full suite of 10 structured training plans for a range of disciplines; including Road, Olympic Distance Triathlon, Cyclocross and XC Mountain Biking, as well as plans focusing specifically on Speed and Climbing. Designed with our partners at APEX Coaching, these comprehensive, incredibly detailed plans bring you the expertise and proven results of one the greatest coaches (and evil geniuses) in endurance sport: Sir Neal Henderson.

All of our training plans utilize:

  • A mix of Sufferfest workouts and outdoor sessions (which can be done inside if the lava snow is really coming down)
  • Essential skills/technique drills to refine your form, improve your efficiency and increase your power.
  • The 20 yoga routines included in our newly-released Yoga for Cyclists programme. Designed by Abi Carver of Yoga 15, these routines help you get the most out of your Suffering, while boosting your flexibility, balance, core strength, and ability to recover quickly.

The Sufferfest Training Plans are available for free to all subscribers of The Sufferfest Training Centre App. Sign up for your free trial today.

Road Plans

Say goodbye to junk miles. Our integrated road training plans are required reading for riders of all skills levels who want to train smarter and climb the podium or simply hang with the fast group on the club rides.

Our 10-Week Plans are tailored to fit riders of varying experience and time commitment: Novice (for new riders with 4-5.5 hours/week to train), Intermediate (for experienced riders with 6-8 hours/week to train), and Advanced (for racing or highly  experienced cyclists who can take a heavy training schedule of 8.5 hours/week)

Our 3-Week Plans focus on specific skills: Climbing (for experienced cyclists who want to soar with the angels) and Speed.

The Sufferfest Training Plans are available for free to all subscribers of The Sufferfest Training Centre App. Sign up for your free trial today. 


If you're racing an Olympic distance triathlon, you need to swim, bike and run to the nearest computer and download this plan. With comprehensive coverage of your swim / bike / run workouts and a wide range of technique drills across all three disciplines, our Triathlon training plans will help ensure quick transition to a faster you (see what we did there?).

Triathlon plans are available for Novice: (new triathletes with about 5 hours/week to train) and Intermediate (experienced triathletes with about 6 hours/week to train) athletes.



A discipline after our own dark hearts: 60 minutes of lung-busting, redlining madness. One of the few places outside of your Torture Chamber that rivals the pure, unbridled intensity of a Sufferfest workout. These plans harness that raw power of The Sufferfest into a manageable, easy-to-follow structure so you can get the hole shot and leave your competitors cleaning mud out of their teeth.

Cyclocross plans are available for Novice barrier hoppers (with 5 hours/week to train) and Intermediate aspiring Sven Nyses who can devote 6 hours/week to train. More cowbell!



The punchy climbs, intense efforts and long courses that characterize Cross Country mountain bike races require a specific kind of fitness. The first one across the line is going to be someone that's capable of delivering across a wide range of efforts. That might as well be you, and this plan will get you there. Designed for Intermediate cyclists with an average of 6 hours/week to train, the fat-tire set aren't going to know what hit them.



Like you, those of us behind The Sufferfest aren't content to rest on our laurels. Could we have just kept making the best indoor cycling videos out there? Of course we could have, but we weren't content with that. Like that extra interval at the end of "Revolver", we don't know when to quit. We're going to continue to bring you valuable training resources, tools to help you get to the next level, stuff you won't be able to get anywhere else. But don't worry, we'll continue to dish out the Suffering you know and hate us for. We wouldn't have it any other way. 


The Sufferfest Training Plans are available for free to all subscribers of The Sufferfest Training Centre App. Sign up for your free trial today.

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