Two New Workouts: Cobbler and Attacker available now!

Sufferfestivus came early this year. Just in time for the indoor season, we're dropping two new SUF workouts. If you're lamenting the cancellation of this year's Paris-Roubaix, fret not. Fire up Cobbler and pound the virtual cobbles while you get seriously fast. Want to up your sustained power? Check out Attacker, featuring stunning footage from Liege-Bastogne-Liege and La Flèche Wallonne. Check out the breakdown below, then strap in and try them out for yourself. 



Duration: 1hr 46 minutes

What It's About:

This is one of the most classic workouts out there, so it felt natural to use Paris Roubaix—the Queen of the Classics—as the backdrop. The reason this workout is so popular is that it's easy to follow, helps teach good pacing, as well as giving you a great threshold training stimulus.

So what is Cobbler all about? You're looking at three 25-minute blocks at around 90% of your FTP—an effort we like to call "Sub-Threshold". Many refer to this intensity as "Sweet-Spot", but we prefer Sub-Threshold, as the real key is to never let your power wander above FTP. This ensures your effort remains at an exertion rate you know your body can handle, but that is dangerously close to one you can't.

Nailing this session is really about getting in tune with your body and understanding what that edge feels like. Most likely, you'll feel like the first five minutes of the first effort is too easy and might be tempted to increase the intensity. DON'T! Just be patient. You'll understand why as the session goes on. You see, getting a sense of how these efforts "bite" towards the end is vital to learning how to pace yourself over longer steady state efforts. Whether that is a time trial, local climb, breakaway, triathlon, or even a good old-fashioned fitness test.

If you have never done a session like this before, you can consider only doing the first 20 minute effort, or even sticking to the first 15 minutes of each effort. There is no shame in building up to this full session, so don't be afraid to pause and fast forward as needed.




Duration: 53 minutes

What It's About: 

Being able to finish strong comes from properly pacing your efforts and preparing to finish strong. This session is all about improving those abilities.

For just over 50 minutes, you'll do five different 6-minute progressive efforts that start just below FTP and finish well above it for the final minute. The real challenge of this workout is the limited 1-minute recovery sections between each effort. You’ll want to savor every second of those short recoveries.

This workout will help improve your FTP and your ability to recover while cranking out watts just under your threshold for the first half of each effort. You’ll also learn to manage your pacing and put out power above threshold after holding steady just below that breakpoint.

Riders with a sustained weakness will get a huge boost from this workout, as will anyone looking to improve their sustained power.

If you've tried Defender, Attacker is quite similar, though the efforts in Attacker are 2 minutes shorter. Instead of starting harder and backing off like in Defender, the efforts in this session start easy(ish) and keep ramping up to the end.


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